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Internship Coordinator - Hari Kotturi, Ph.D.
STEM Building, room 207

In biology, students often have the need of specialized training and job experience that is beyond the capabilities or mission of a traditional biology department.  This leaves a distinct gap between the abilities possessed by undergraduates at graduation and the expectations of prospective employers. Internships in Biology at UCO are intended to provide students possessing a record of continued excellence in the classroom an avenue to gain direct experience in a biological setting outside of the University. Internships are intended to provide clear and challenging opportunities for students to continue learning and growing academically by working under the close advisement and supervision of one or more supervisors at the internship site. As such, the internship experience must involve student participation in academically oriented activities with the guidance of an intern mentor. 

To meet the needs of students who do not enter professions that provide meaningful on-­the-job training, the biology internships have been designed to provide students with internship opportunities in the biological sciences field. This internship is to be completed for course credit. There are four (4) parties that participate in different phases of the internship: 1) the student, 2) an intern mentor who guides the student through the academic requirements of the internship, 3) an on-site supervisor who guides the student through the on-site duties, and 4) the Internship Advisory Committee (IAC) which reviews and must approve the internship. Because the academic objectives, duties, and benefits of an internship must be submitted in advance to the IAC, the student interested in an internship must begin planning the internship at least one semester prior to the actual dates of the internship and have prior approval by the IAC.

Eligibility Requirements

Students must have Junior or Senior standing (minimum of 60 hours completed, of which 12 hours must have been completed at UCO) and have completed the equivalent of the Biology Core Courses of the University of Central Oklahoma. The minimum GPA requirement is 2.75 in both Biology and overall course work. Students must be in good standing in all areas with the Biology Department.

Enrollment Steps

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