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Important Update:

Through Jan. 28, the university is operating at Level 2. For classes, this means faculty will have the discretion to choose a fully remote, hybrid, extended classroom or fully in-person format. Masks will be mandatory for in-person classes.

Visit the COVID-19 website to report a positive test, symptoms or exposure, for vaccine and testing information and for other COVID-19 resources.

Did you know that, when a UCO class is closed, you can often put yourself on a waitlist ?

Not all UCO classes have a wait-listing option, but many do, including most of our language classes. To add your name to a waitlist, first navigate to the "add-drop classes" page of your Uconnect account. In one of the empty boxes in the row at the bottom of the page, type in the CRN number of the closed class you'd like to enroll in. When you click "submit changes", you should see an error message telling you the class is closed. However, you should also see a small, drop down box labeled "Action" that says "none". Click on the arrow on the box, and choose "waitlist". Then, "submit changes" again. That's it! You're on the waitlist.

When someone drops the class, a spot will open up and the next person on the waitlist will be notified via email that they may enroll. If that person is you (happy day!), you will usually be told you have 24-48 hours to enroll before your name is dropped and the next person on the list is moved forward to the enrollment spot. Therefore, if you are on a waitlist it's pretty important to check your UCO email often to be sure you don't miss your chance to enroll.

If you have any trouble with these instructions, please feel free to call the Modern Languages Office at 974-5647, or visit us in person in Thatcher Hall 204.