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Important Update:

The University of Central Oklahoma physical campus will be closed to all but essential employees through May 31.
Alternative instructional delivery methods will be used for the rest of the spring semester, May intersession courses and summer blocks I and II. Many university services will continue to be available online. For more information, visit the university's COVID-19 website.

Mass Communication Main Office

  • Mary Carver, Department Chair
  • Mark Zimmerman, Assistant Chair
  • Jennifer Foster, Core Curriculum Coordinator
  • Patty Gass, Administrative Assistant III
  • Rachael Wood, Administrative Assistant II

E.K. Gaylord Endowed Chair of Journalism Ethics

Student Success Advisors

  • Gina Kincade
  • Gary Parsons

Mass Communication Technology Support

  • Phyllis Fry - Tech Support Specialist III

Internship Coordinator

  • Jill Lambeth

Core Curriculum

  • Sean Carroll
  • Anthony Cavazos
  • David Duty
  • Jacque Hocking
  • Jennifer Manuel

Interpersonal Communication

  • Merry Buchanan

Organizational Communication

Photographic Arts

Professional Media: Broadcasting, Documentary Film, Journalism, and Online Media

Strategic Communications: Advertising, Brand Communications, and Public Relations

UCentral Student Media

  • Teddy Burch, Manager Student Publications - The Vista
  • Desiree Hill, Faculty Adviser
  • David Nelson, Faculty Adviser
  • Mark Scott, Faculty Adviser
  • Brad Keim, Manager Media Operations
  • Amber Loomis, Administrative Specialist II

Adjunct Faculty

  • Terri Angier
  • Teddy Burch
  • Alex Cameron
  • Angela Cejda Mackey
  • Dr. Terry Clark
  • Deborah Draheim-Deppe
  • Laura Gering
  • Aaron Martin
  • Scott Monetti
  • Rick Nelson
  • Adrienne Nobles
  • Timothy Richardson
  • Amy Rogalsky
  • James Ryan
  • Connie Smothermon
  • Richard Smothermon
  • Jennifer White