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Full-Time Faculty

  • Stanley Adamiak
  • Michelle Brym
  • Lindsey Churchill, Director, Women’s Research Center and BGLTQ+ Student Center; Director, Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor
  • Maria Diaz Montejo
  • Marc Goulding, Assistant Chair; Director, Race and Ethnic Studies Minor
  • Shannon Hall
  • Erik Huneke, Phi Alpha Theta Co-Advisor
  • Mark Janzen, Director, Museum Studies Program
  • Katrina Lacher, Department Chair; Director, Sustainability Studies Minor
  • Xiaobing Li, Director, Western Pacific Institute and UCO Confucius Classroom
  • Patricia Loughlin, Director, Graduate Studies Program
  • Andrew Magnusson, History Undergraduate Advisor
  • Justin Quinn Olmstead, Director of History Education
  • Natalie Panther
  • Jessica Sheetz-Nguyen
  • Michael S. Springer, Director, Office of High-Impact Practices
  • Brad Watkins, Geography Student Organization Advisor; Gamma Theta Upsilon Advisor

Emeritus Faculty

  • Jeff Plaks
  • Kenny Brown


  • Cheryl Caffee
  • Leigh Dudley
  • Carrie Fox
  • Herb Ham
  • Erin Karl
  • Xiaoxiao Li
  • Jennifer Lynch
  • Stuart McAllister
  • Dawn St. Clare


  • Annamaria Martucci, Administrative Assistant
  • Heidi Vaughn, Director, Laboratory of History Museum