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New Plains Review

New Plains Review, a student-run literary journal at the University of Central Oklahoma, proudly receives hundreds of submissions from all over the world. Keeping with the University of Central Oklahoma’s goals of both excellence and diversity, it is our mission to share with our readers thought-provoking, quality work from a diverse number of authors and artists around the world. We are eager to help these creators broaden their audience and reinforce the importance of the arts in our everyday lives.

1890: A Journal of Undergraduate Research

1890: A Journal of Undergraduate Research is a multidisciplinary student research journal produced by New Plains Student Publishing and sponsored by the Office of High Impact Practices at the University of Central Oklahoma. The mission of our peer-reviewed journal is to encourage, recognize, and reward intellectual and creative activity beyond the classroom, and as such, 1890 provides an interdisciplinary forum that builds a cohesive academic community.

Providing undergraduate students with the opportunity to demonstrate their interests and abilities in various disciplines, 1890 accepts works of research, creative writing, poetry, reviews, and art.

The Central Dissent: A Journal of Gender and Sexuality 

The Central Dissent: A Journal of Gender and Sexuality is the first and only academic journal focused on gender and sexuality in Oklahoma. The mission of The Central Dissent is to gather and disseminate quality research, fiction, personal stories, prose, poetry, artwork, and academic reviews that explore gender theory, gender identity, as well as how race, class, and ethnicity shape society’s expectations of the individual both currently and historically.

The Central Dissent aims to provide a platform for researchers, poets, writers, and artists to present new research and developments in these areas through various mediums, including:

  • Scholarly Reviews
  • Research Papers
  • Fiction
  • Creative Non-Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Prose
  • Art