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Important Update:

Consistent with revised CDC guidance, vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals are recommended to wear a mask when in public indoor spaces where COVID-19 virus transmission is considered substantial or high.

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Home of New Plains Review; 1890; The Central Dissent; the Sherman Chaddlesone Arts & Letters Lecture Series; the Alexander Lawrence Posey Speaker Series; and Students Presenting Undergraduate Research 

Our Mission is Three-Fold:

  • To publish a wide range of literary, creative, and critical works via our three distinct journals
  • To promote research, creative, and scholarly activities
  • To offer undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Central Oklahoma opportunities to learn about and participate in publishing and related promotional undertakings through various internships, volunteer opportunities, and authentic experience.

Student reading a bookIn December 2016 we were established as the New Plains Student Publishing. We're currently housed in the English Department at the University of Central Oklahoma. Shay Rahm oversees the publishing group while graduate students serve as the associate and assistant directors. As a student, you'll get first-hand publishing experience and the knowledge of operations of a small press.

Each year we produce two issues of the literary journal New Plains Review, one issue of the peer-reviewed undergraduate research journal 1890: A Journal of Undergraduate Research, and two issues of The Central Dissent: A Journal of Gender and Sexuality. We also host writing contests and hold multiple events open to students, staff, and faculty in addition to events open to the community.