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Guidelines for English Majors

Students interested in a credit-bearing internship should:

  • Meet the prerequisites as listed below prior to beginning the internship
  • Complete the paperwork requesting credit prior to beginning the internship
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Enroll for the internship course, ENG 4950 Internship, ENG 5950 Internship, CSDY 4950 Internship, or CSDY 5950 Internship after speaking with Laura Dumin, Ph.D., contact info below
  • Expect to receive from 1-8 hours of credit
  • Expect to complete 60 work hours for each 1 hour of class credit requested


  • Junior class standing is required
  • GPA of 2.5 or higher in major and overall is required
  • Résumé approved by Laura Dumin, Ph.D. and uploaded into Handshake - required
  • You may find it helpful to speak with a professor in your area to see what sorts of information would be best to include on your résumé 
  • Completion of ENG 4023 Technical Writing is strongly suggested for students completing internships outside of the English department


  • While working on your internship, you should act professionally.
  • You are a visible ambassador for UCO and should act accordingly.
  • You will put together a portfolio from the work that you complete while in your internship(s).
  • Keep copies of your work, with permission from your employer.


What is an internship?

An internship (or practicum) is an out-of-classroom work experience at a place of business, with a non-profit organization, or with a faculty member working on organizing a conference or editing a scholarly or professional journal.

Why should I take an internship?

You'll gain valuable real-world knowledge that may prove beneficial when entering the workplace.  You'll also learn about good writing and clear communication, good business practices, group work, and more.

Who is eligible to intern?

  • Students who have met the Prerequisites as listed above.
  • Students working for course credit are NOT permitted to:
    • Work for a family member unless prior approval is granted through the internship coordinator. No family member can supervise a relative.
    • Gain internship credit at a place of business where they are currently employed.

Where can I find an internship?

Be sure to register for Handshake. This website is a wonderful resource and starting place to look for internships.  You may also find internships through word-of-mouth or by networking. Your Student Success Advisor or Instructor may be able to help guide you.

What is required of a course-credit intern?

You must complete 60 hours of work on-the-job for every course credit hour earned. To determine how many hours of credit can be earned, use one of the following formulas:

  • (hours per week x number of weeks) = total hours ÷ 60 for a number of credits possible  . . . OR
  • 4 hours per week for 15 weeks = 1 credit hour

You'll also be required to:

  • Complete two portfolio items during your internship.
  • Complete a 3-5 page typed paper summarizing the intern experience.
  • You may have to arrange documentation with your internship supervisor and the English department’s Internship Coordinator if the nature of the internship warrants special arrangements of this kind.

Are interns paid?

The majority of interns are not paid. UCO does allow students who are receiving course credit for their internships to be paid, providing they have not worked in the current position for the current supervisor for more than three months.

How long is an internship?

Interns generally work for one semester (fall/spring/summer). Interns must work 60 hours on-the-job for each credit hour earned. If an intern works 16 weeks during a 17 week semester, that is approximately 5 hours per week for one credit hour.

If an internship is completed over the summer, it may be wise to register for fewer hours based on the amount of time available during the summer for coursework.

Can an intern work more than one semester?

We prefer that students secure a variety of internships in order to explore career opportunities, network and expand their knowledge base. Occasionally interns are permitted to remain with one sponsor longer than one semester. This requires special permission from the intern coordinator.

Links to the course outline

Download the Internship Course Outline
Download the Internship Employer-Employee Contract
Download the Student Internship Manual

For more information on Internships, contact:

Laura Dumin, Ph.D.
English Department – Internship Coordinator
LAN 105K
(405) 974-5635

Career Development Center 
NUC 338
(405) 974-3346