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An Open Letter From Dr. Leslie Similly, Director of Composition:

Dear students and colleagues,

Dr. Leslie SimilyWelcome to First-Year Composition at the University of Central Oklahoma. This website has been designed as a resource to aid in the teaching and learning of English Composition here at UCO.

This site will introduce you to the composition courses you will take and the policies of the First-Year Composition Program. You will also find a number of links to other useful resources.

Another important purpose of this site is to aid in achieving a balance between program consistency and academic freedom. Our program endorses a core set of beliefs about what students should be able to do after completing the composition course sequence. At the same time, I believe there are multiple, equally effective ways of achieving our teaching and learning goals. Therefore, while not every section of ENG 1113 or ENG 1213 will use the same book or complete exactly the same assignments, all sections will work toward the same set of learning outcomes, which you will see outlined here.

First-Year Composition introduces students to academic discourse and argumentative writing and develops the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills that are essential to students’ social, intellectual, and academic growth. Writing processes are not viewed as skills developed merely with correctness as the end goal but as productive engagements with oneself, others, and the world through the medium of texts. I believe that composing with words is more than just a skill we develop to further our education or to get a job, as writing can expand our ideas and truly enrich our lives. It is one of the primary ways we can engage with the world around us and negotiate the issues that give our lives significance and meaning. In order to be good citizens in our world, which is complex and various, we must understand the meaning-making power of language, a competency that composition affords us.

Leslie Similly, Ph.D.
Director of Composition