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From Moby Dick to mobile blogging, writing takes many forms. Our English courses reflect this spectrum by giving everyone the ability to be a creative, ethical, and engaged citizen and to contribute to the intellectual, cultural, economic, and social advancement of our local and global communities. English courses are a core requirement of every college experience at UCO. Our goal is to have these central courses help you grow as a person, think freely and critically, and prepare you for whatever is next on The Road.

Students speakingIf you choose to major, or minor, in English, you may tailor your courses and focus of work to correspond with your passion and areas of interest. Planning to write a screenplay, become a teacher, or write anything in your future? A degree in English is right for you. Did you know, we are one of the largest departments on campus? Each semester, our Department serves approximately 300 undergraduate majors, 80 graduate majors, and approximately 3,000 Core Curriculum writing students.

We proudly offer four Bachelor of Arts programs:

At the graduate level, we offer four Master of Arts programs:

We also sponsor a wide range of resume-building programs including vibrant student organizations, public lectures, readings and book signings, film series, and publications including the College of Liberal Arts' literary journal, New Plains Review.

Thinking about becoming an English Major? Contact your advisor or any member of our faculty and we're here to help.



Student Learning Outcomes

The following list of Student Learning Outcomes highlights the key knowledge, values and skills that students will gain from the program and provides a clear framework for success. By focusing on the student and their ability to demonstrate specific behaviors, this framework ensures that the program is meeting its goals and making progress towards continuous improvement.

  • B.A. English and B.A. Creative Writing graduates will be able to demonstrate evidence of professional development. To meet this objective, students write resumes and cover letters for prospective jobs, and might conduct an informational interview with a professional in their field.
  • B.A. Technical Writing graduates will be able to demonstrate understanding of professional, ethical, cultural, and socio-economic issues. This SLO shows that our department evaluates writing and language use in a broad social context.
  • B.A. English Education graduates will be able to implement planned coherent, relevant, standards- aligned, differentiated, and antiracist/antibias ELA instruction and assessment to motivate and engage all learners. (NCTE Component 4.1). This objective demonstrates the English Department's commitment to antiracism.
  • B.A. English Education graduates will be able to reflect on their ELA practice, use knowledge and theoretical perspectives to collaborate with educational community members, and demonstrate readiness for leadership, professional learning, and advocacy. (NCTE Component 5.1) This objective shows our department's strong advocacy of professional development, and the department's ability to develop leadership skills and community involvement.
  • B.A. in Technical Writing graduates will be able to apply theory and best practices to job application and/or teaching materials. This objective shows the continuity between theory and practice in the department's programs.