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The College of Liberal Arts' mission is to provide a transformative academic experience that:

  • Encourages rigorous inquiry
  • Enables critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Cultivates knowledge in dynamic learning environments
  • Ignites awareness and involvement in our interdependent world
  • Requires research and creative activities
  • Actively engages in continuous improvement

Academic Vision Statement

Liberal Arts sculptureThe College of Liberal Arts exists to prepare students to succeed in a diverse and ever‐changing world through both the substantial core curriculum serviced in CLA and the dynamic knowledge‐based programs offered in the College of Liberal Arts. The college is committed to providing cutting‐edge learning environments which employ innovative and multiple instructional methods that foster successful transformative learning, critical thinking, cultural awareness, and effective communication skills. Provided with a comprehensive discipline knowledge, graduates of CLA are prepared to offer leadership and service to their local and global communities; to continue their creative and scholarly activities throughout their lives and careers, and to live emotionally and intellectually healthy lives.

Academic Goals

  • Increase students' comprehension in their discipline knowledge
  • Engage all students in research and creative activities
  • Foster leadership and service learning opportunities for all students
  • Provide collaborative opportunities for students with other departments and colleges, with other institutions of learning, and with the metropolitan and global communities.
  • Provide healthy, interactive, and technologically state‐of‐the‐art learning environments to accommodate effective, transformative teaching and learning.