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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about College of Fine Arts and Design (CFAD) Scholarships. Contact Tami Jackson, Project Coordinator, with additional questions at (405) 974-3783 or

Who can apply for CFAD scholarships?

Any student who is enrolled or has been accepted to UCO and a CFAD degree program for the academic year following the application period.

How do I apply for CFAD scholarships?

Complete a scholarship application through our online scholarship application portal during the application period. If you have an emergency financial need, you may submit a paper application for the Student Success in the Arts and Design fund.

When can I apply for CFAD scholarships?

Most CFAD scholarships are open for application during late fall/early spring and are awarded for distribution during the following academic year. See the current application period. Applications for emergency financial aid from the Student Success in the Arts and Design fund are accepted year-round.

How much are the CFAD scholarship awards?

Amounts vary from year to year and are not announced to students until they are awarded.

What is an official transcript?

An official transcript is one that has been obtained from the registrar's office and says "Official Transcript" on it. Request an official transcript.

Is there anything I can do to prepare for my scholarship applications?

Yes! Visit the Preparing for Scholarship Applications section to learn more.

When will I find out if I received any CFAD scholarships?

Email notifications for scholarship application results are usually sent out in late March. Scholarship award letters are mailed at the same time. Occasionally, scholarships are awarded by nomination at other times during the year and the recipient(s) will be notified as soon as possible.

What are the qualifications for applying for CFAD scholarships?

All CFAD scholarships have different qualifications. See the Scholarships by Application section to learn more about scholarships available in your department and the required qualifications.

What are the conditions for receiving CFAD scholarships?

All CFAD scholarship recipients are required to attend the CFAD Scholarship Awards Luncheon, usually held in April, submit a thank you card for donors to your scholarship and submit semester update postcards for donors to your scholarship. All cards must be turned in to the CFAD Development Office.

Why wasn’t I selected for a CFAD scholarship?

Although there are many CFAD scholarships available, there are also many worthy applicants. Applications that are incomplete are often disqualified, as are applicants that do not match the scholarship criteria established by donors. Visit the Preparing for Scholarship Applications section to learn more about submitting a complete application.

Are there any CFAD scholarships for incoming freshmen?

Incoming freshmen have automatically applied for institutional scholarships along with their UCO application, so there are very few CFAD scholarships for incoming freshmen. Two scholarships open to incoming freshmen include the Robert Glenn Rapp Scholar Incentive Award (for music) and the Incoming Freshman Art Scholarship (for art).

What is the difference between institutional scholarships, UCO Advancement scholarships and CFAD scholarships?

Institutional scholarships are applied for via your UCO admissions application and include academic, leadership and Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education scholarships. Those are awarded through Student Financial Services. UCO Advancement offers scholarships for UCO students through the same online application portal as CFAD. Visit UCO Advancement for more information. CFAD scholarships are awarded through the CFAD Development Office and are available only to students within the College of Fine Arts and Design.