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photo of the interior Melton Gallery walls displaying art

Exhibition Spaces

There are currently four exhibit spaces on the UCO campus with rotating work that supports the UCO Art & Design Departments. Each space is unique in location and exhibits a variety of work from student, emerging and professional artists and designers.

See our spaces below for the location and the type of work exhibited.  

Melton Gallery

The Melton Gallery is a contemporary art gallery on the UCO campus located in the Art and Design Building. The Melton is designated to display works from local, regional, and national artists and serves as a learning lab for UCO students as well as the Oklahoma City metro, encouraging learning outcomes and dialogue about the process of creating and content found in contemporary art. The Melton Gallery opens a new exhibit on the first Thursday of each month during the school year.

Donna Nigh

The Donna Nigh Gallery is located on the third floor of the Nigh University Center and is a space for the UCO Design Department to display posters from current UCO Design students and faculty. The Donna Nigh Gallery rotates out specific design exhibits throughout each school year.

Student Galleries

The student galleries are located throughout the hallways of the Art and Design Building, providing a space for art and design students to display current work. In these hallways, students exhibit work from latest assignments and learn techniques for installing artwork and displaying didactics. The artwork and design posters in these hallways change frequently throughout each semester.

Krottinger Family Gallery (Mitchell Education Center)

The Krottinger Family Gallery is a space located in the hallway leading into the newly renovated dressing rooms, classrooms and theater spaces of  Mitchell Hall. The gallery exhibits work from UCO Art and Design alumni and intends to be a space that celebrates the continuum of UCO artists and designers who have created significant work for the Oklahoma City metro and beyond.