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Melton Gallery

The Mission  of The Melton Gallery is to serve as a forum to support the visual arts through diverse exhibitions and programming, creating dialog between the university and the broader artistic community.

 The Melton Gallery strives for the following goals:

  • Extend the knowledge of contemporary art, design practices and critical theory
  • Pursue exhibitions and programming that are issue-charged in nature
  • Cultivate diverse audiences to create an atmosphere of inclusion
  • Develop community partnerships through collaborative projects
  • Provide deliberate support of the art and design departments’ missions to prepare students to enter professional careers

Student Scholarship Competition

The Melton Gallery Fall 2019 Symposium, Reshaping Conventions, is offering a juried student competition in the visual, performing, and written arts.  Applications are available now. All UCO students are eligible to apply. Deadline for submissions is 5pm, November 11, 2019. 

3 scholarship awards in each of the 7categories AND 4 Honorable Mentions
  • 1st place $400
  • 2nd place $200
  • 3rd place $125
  • Honorable Mention $100 (4 total)
  • Visual/Performance: 2d, 3d, film and performance
  • Written: poetry, fiction and essay
How to apply

Currently in the Gallery

Melton Symposium: Reshaping Conventions

woman painting a cinder blockReshaping Conventions is a symposium on race, gender and identity, highlighted with artworks by Patrick Earl Hammie and Le’Andra LeSeur. These two artists utilize contemporary representations to reshape conventions that have defined the way we traditionally experience portraiture and installation and to create space for new narratives and new ways of expressing a range of identities.

This exhibit contains mature content. See our College of Fine Arts and Design artistic expression policy for information or email with any questions.

Imperfect Exchange

by Patrick Earl Hammie

Panel Discussion: 5:30 pm, Sept. 11 in the Melton Gallery

Opening reception: 5:30 pm, Sept. 12 in the Melton Gallery

Exhibit open Sept. 9 - Oct. 10

brown, carmine, and blue

by Le'Andra LeSeur

Artist Talk, Worshop and Opening Reception - Movement as Resistance: 5:30 pm, Oct. 24 in the Melton Gallery

Exhibit open Oct. 24 - Nov. 21