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Department of Theatre Arts

Central Theatre Mission:
Knowledge. Skill. Value.

The UCO Department of Theatre Arts helps students learn the knowledge, skills and values for successful careers in professional theatre and theatre education. Students who successfully complete a BFA degree program in Theatre Arts, will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a knowledge and critical understanding of theatre in verbal and written formats;
  • Apply skills and techniques in performance, design and technology, and theatre education;
  • Practice essential theatre skills, including collaboration, communication, task orientation and time management;
  • Adhere to the ethics and values of professional theatre and theatre education; and,
  • Employ knowledge, skills, and values in professional theatre and theatre education.

The Department of Theatre Arts is an award-winning program that immerses students in a range of cutting-edge theatre, including classical, contemporary, and theatre for social change. Theatre Arts majors have multiple opportunities in performance, design/technology and theatre education, as well as student travel opportunities including national conferences, festivals and study tours, both nationally and internationally.

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Shellie Sterling

Returning from an audition in sunny Los Angeles, UCO College of Fine Arts and Design alumna Shellie Sterling shared how her college experience prepared her for a career as a professional actress.

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