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Department of Theatre Arts

Central Theatre Mission:
Knowledge. Skill. Value.

The UCO Department of Theatre Arts helps students learn the knowledge, skills and values for successful careers in professional theatre and theatre education. Students who successfully complete a BFA degree program in Theatre Arts, will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a knowledge and critical understanding of theatre in verbal and written formats;
  • Apply skills and techniques in performance, design and technology, and theatre education;
  • Practice essential theatre skills, including collaboration, communication, task orientation and time management;
  • Adhere to the ethics and values of professional theatre and theatre education; and,
  • Employ knowledge, skills, and values in professional theatre and theatre education.
The Department of Theatre Arts is an award-winning program that immerses students in a range of cutting-edge theatre, including classical, contemporary, and theatre for social change. Theatre Arts majors have multiple opportunities in performance, design/technology and theatre education, as well as student travel opportunities including national conferences, festivals and study tours, both nationally and internationally.

UCO Theatre Arts In the Spotlight

graphic of 26 pebblesStudents from UCO’s Department of Theatre Arts, under the direction of Head of Performance and Associate Professor Emily Heugatter, traveled to St. Louis, Missouri in the summer of 2018 to present “26 Pebbles” by Eric Ulloa.  The play was produced by St. Louis professional theatre That Uppity Theatre Company and partnered with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Painting for Peace in Ferguson.  The cast performed for a week, touring to various locations in the city.  The show received accolades from audience members and stellar published reviews from the St. Louis theatre community including this story by HEC Media.

Theatre Arts Events