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Brisch Center for Historical Performance

The aim of historical practice and performance is to understand and present music from the past as close to the composers’ intention as possible. This includes the use of historical instruments (or modern replicas) as well as the knowledge of repertoire and how it was performed at the time (performance traditions). These performance traditions were not necessarily notated in the score, but have been identified through first-hand literature such as those treatises in the Honea Research Collection. The Center actively encourages students to engage in guided individual study research projects in areas of their particular interest, especially those that utilize the Center’s extensive resources in primary texts. The goal of the center is to increase understanding and enjoyment of the music.

Brisch Center Faculty

Dr. Danielle L. Herrington, Academic Coordinator

Dr. Michael Geib, General Coordinator

Mrs. Meryl Geib, Performance Coordinator


Joseph Arndt, Harpsichord

Dr. Emily Butterfield, Baroque Flute

Dr. John Clinton, Conductor Emeritus

Meryl Geib, Baroque Cello, Performance Coordinator

Dr. Michael Geib, Baroque Bass/Violone, General Coordinator

Dr. Danielle L. Herrington, Musicology, Voice, Academic Coordinator

Dr. Ted Honea, Musicology and Co-Founder Brisch Center, Academic Coordinator Emeritus

Dr. Peggy Moran, Natural Horn

Dr. Ralph Morris, Baroque Violin and Viola

Theodora Morris, Recorder and Baroque Violin

Dr. Tess Remy-Schumacher, Baroque Cello and Co-Founder Brisch Center, General Coordinator Emeritus

Thresa Swadley, Baroque Cello

Natalie Syring, Baroque Flute

Dr. Hong Zhu, Baroque Violin

Bach in Oklahoma

Brisch Center for Historical Performance

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