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Valery Kuleshov performing on the piano.

Artist in Residence

Valery Kuleshov

photo of pianist Valery KuleshovThe University of Central Oklahoma, the College of Fine Arts and Design and the School of Music are pleased to have pianist Valery Kuleshov as an Artist in Residence.

Valery Kuleshov and his wife Kate came to the University of Central Oklahoma in 1998. He serves as an Artist in Residence for the College of Fine Arts and Design in the School of Music. Kuleshov, a pianist, is an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation whose awards include a Gold Medal at the
Busoni International Piano Competition (1987), a Silver Medal at the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition (1993) and the first prize at the Pro Piano Competition (1998).

Kuleshov regularly tours the world, performing in some of the world's best concert halls including New York's Carnegie Hall, the Milan Conservatory in Italy and the Great Halls of the Moscow Conservatory and St. Petersburg Philharmonic.

Kuleshov was born in Chelyabinsk, Russia, near what is now Kazakhstan. He began playing by ear at age five. Teachers soon noticed his talent, and by age seven he had left home to enter the prestigious Central Music School at the Moscow Conservatory. At age nine, he made his concert debut in the Conservatory's Great Hall.

Kuleshov briefly studied with piano legend Vladimir Horowitz. In 2001, he released "Homage to Vladimir Horowitz," a CD of Kuleshov's transcriptions of his mentor's works. He also has released several other CDs. 

Kuleshov performs concerts each year at the University of Central Oklahoma. Students in the UCO Symphony Orchestra often get the opportunity to accompany him during his performances, and, at times, Kuleshov gives solo performances.

Reviews for Valery Kuleshov:

"He has everything: the fingers to negotiate the virtuoso repertory, the musicality and imagination to make the most familiar music sound fresh and compelling."
- The New York Times

"Kuleshov's performance will long be remembered by the audience as singularly remarkable. In short, he wowed ‘em." 
- Midland Daily News

"Valery Kuleshov proceeded to light up the sky, setting off pyrotechnical rockets of sound and showering the audience with sweeps of notes as exciting as they were exceptional."
- The Dallas Morning News"

"What sound! What allure! What a musician!"
- Le Monde 

"Kuleshov is an aggressively confident performer, a technical wizard at the keyboard, and possesses supreme concentration skills. No doubt Vladimir Horowitz smiled from above and applauded, too."
- The Australian