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Important Update:

UCO COVID-19 protocols remain in place for the spring 2021 semester. Masks are required on campus when around others.

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The Professional Education Unit at the University of Central Oklahoma is currently accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) using the standards of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). This accreditation covers both initial teacher preparation programs and advanced educator preparation programs. UCO is a charter member of NCATE and has been continuously accredited since 1954.

July 1, 2013 was the day of the de facto consolidation of NCATE and the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC), making CAEP the new, sole specialized accreditor for educator preparation. The mission of CAEP is accountability and continued improvement of educator preparation. The accreditation process utilizes rigorous standards for educator preparation programs and holds accredited institutions accountable for providing continuous evidence of meeting these standards.

UCO is the third largest preparer of teachers in Oklahoma and, as a result of a review on 2016, has received renewal of its NCATE/CAEP accreditation through 2023.


CAEP 8 Annual Measures

1. Impact on P-12 Learning and Development

In-service Case Studies

P-12 students’ pre- and post-scores during an instructional unit and teachers’ reflective responses confirm that UCO education program graduates who have been certified (completers) have a positive impact on student learning and development.

2. Indicators of Teaching Effectiveness

In-service Teacher Evaluation Performance by P12 Administrator

Building principals rate UCO completers, overall, as being effective across all categories of the Teacher Leader Effectiveness evaluation. This finding remains true when disaggregated by teachers’ certification area, ethnicity, and binomial gender.

In-service Teacher case studies

Teacher self-reports, employer evaluations, and university observations confirm UCO completers demonstrate effective performance during the first year of teaching.

3. Satisfaction of Employers and Employment Milestones

Employers report that UCO completers, overall, demonstrate expected knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions as a first-year teacher.

Evidence confirms UCO completers experience success, emerge as experts and leaders, and contribute to the profession.

4. Satisfaction of Completers

UCO completers, overall, report they were able to demonstrate expected knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions as a first-year teacher based on the training providing.

5. Graduation Rates

Data demonstrate UCO education students (teacher candidates) meet selective criteria for program admission, transition, and graduation. Almost all graduates of our programs do so within 3 years of being admitted to Teacher Education. 

6. Candidate Success at Meeting Certification Requirements

UCO teacher candidates and master’s level educational professional candidates demonstrate the ability to meet program criteria and to pass certification tests at or above the state average.

Oklahoma Certification Tests

Title II Reports

7. Opportunity for Completers to be Hired

Oklahoma City metropolitan area and state data are clear that there is a strong demand for teachers and other education professionals in almost all certification areas.

Supply and Demand

8. Student Loan Default Rate and Consumer Information


Pre-Service Performance Assessments

Student Teachers are teacher candidates who complete a 16-week internship in P12 schools. They are mentored, supervised and evaluated by University Supervisors and by P12 Mentor Teachers (co-teachers).

University Supervisors are clinical faculty from UCO who mentor and evaluate the performance of student teachers during their 16-week  internship in P12 schools. University Supervisors are expert educators who have demonstrated effectiveness in their careers as P12 teachers and school leaders, including some who serve as full-time Teacher Education faculty.

Mentor Teachers (co-teachers) are P12 instructors who guide, supervise and evaluate the performance of student teachers during their 16-week  internship in P12 schools. Mentor Teachers are deliberately selected educators who have 3 years or more of successful teaching experience and who have completed UCO’s co-teacher training. UCO collaborates with school administrators to determine Mentor Teachers.

Assessment of Student Teachers

The matrices linked below provide the aggregate average rating University Supervisors and Mentor Teachers (co-teachers) gave Student Teachers regarding their performance on numerous criteria. These data are part of the assessment system used to determine the overall effectiveness of each UCO student teacher.

Assessment of Mentor Teachers and University Supervisors

The matrices linked below provide the aggregate average ratings of the support and guidance provided by Mentor Teachers (co-teachers) and University Supervisors. These evaluation data are one part of an assessment system used to determine the overall quality and effectiveness of each mentor and supervisor.

Assessment of Teacher Candidates

The matrices linked below provide the aggregate average rating Mentor Teachers (co-teachers) gave Teacher Candidates regarding their performance during their initial clinical experiences (CE1 and CE2). The means trend upward as our Teacher Candidates develop as future teachers with gained experience.