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The GATP selection committee is chaired by the program director and composed of members of the GATP faculty and Athletic Training Committee. Approximately 10 students per year will be accepted into the program. This number may vary depending on the availability of the number of approved affiliated sites and the ratio of preceptors to current students enrolled in the program. 

Selection Requirements

  1. Completed GATP Application
  2. Tech Standards, Physical, Immunization Records
  3. Completed Prerequisite Courses
  4. Professional Rescuer CPR & First Aid Certification

Application Review

As applications are submitted, the program director will review the materials.  Once the candidate's application is complete, the Selection Committee will review and rank each candidate based on the selection requirements and GPA, letters of recommendations and statement of goals.

Interview Process

50% of applying applicants or the number of available spots open (number may vary - approximately 8) will be notified if an interview will be granted.  The program director (or committee representative) will contact the candidate to schedule an interview.  After the interview the selection committee will rank each candidate using the Competitive Admission Ranking Criteria.  Candidates with the highest Competitive Admission Ranking Scale score will be accepted into the program until the available slots are filled. 

Competitive Admission Ranking Criteria

  1. Overall Undergraduate Grade Point Average (GPA), 40%
  2. Recommendations, 25%
  3. Interview with Selection Committee, 25%
  4. Statement of Goals, 10%

Acceptance Procedure

After the interview, the program director will notify the candidate of program acceptance at the earliest possible date.  Accepted candidates will have until May 1st to accept or decline the appointment.  After that date, the next qualified candidates will be offered a position in the program. 

Completed applications received after the regular deadline may still be considered if positions are available.  Late applicants must meet all selection requirements and competitive admission rankings criteria. Each student denied acceptance will be notified in writing within two weeks of the culmination of the selection process at the end of spring semester (approximately March 31.)


Selection Procedure Grievance Policy

A candidate denied acceptance by the GATP has the right to meet with the program director to discuss the selection committee's findings. The student has the right to re-apply for full acceptance the next year. If the student is not satisfied by the program director's explanation, an appeal may be made to the chair of Kinesiology and Health Studies Department. The department chair may overrule or accept the selection committee's findings. If the chair's decision is to uphold the selection committee's findings the student may appeal to the dean of the UCO Jackson College of Graduate Studies.  A written letter from the candidate must be received by the department chair requesting the dean's review within two weeks of the ruling.  The department chair will notify the dean via a letter of explanation for this request. The dean has the final decision regarding the student's request. If the student has a grievance other than the selection process, the GATP Grievance Policy located in the GATP Manual or via the University's Student Code of Conduct Policies provides instructions. Additional assistance regarding a student's acceptance is provided from the Graduate College.