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Special Education Boot Camp

The UCO Special Education Boot Camp (2013 OK HB1233) is the state of Oklahoma’s current answer to the shortage of teachers for special education students. This program offers individuals who do not have a degree or certification in special education the opportunity to enter this in demand career field.  Completion of the UCO Boot Camp allows individuals the ability to apply for a a one-year provisional certificate through the Oklahoma State Department of Education while earning college credit towards a Master's degree in Special Education.

Admission Qualifications

  • Must have a degree from an accredited institution of higher education in any area other than general studies
  • 2.75 GPA
  • Commitment to complete the Master’s degree or certification in Special Education
  • Employable by a school district
  • Commitment to remain with the district for at least three years after earning Standard Certification in Special Education

Boot Camp Curriculum & Requirements 

Complete 12 credit hours of Boot Camp Core Classes

  • SPED 5123 Teaching Individuals with Disabilities
  • SPED 5212 Legal Aspects in Special Education
  • SPED 5303 Assessing the Exceptional Individual
  • SPED 5443 Behavior/Classroom Management
  • SPED 5900 Practicum with Boot Camp

Upon completion of Boot Camp Core classes, submit the following information for Provisional Certification to Teacher Education Services, EDU 207.  Documents will be reviewed and submitted to the Oklahoma State Department of Education for certification.

  • Official Transcript reflecting completion of all Boot Camp Core
  • Updated Plan of Study also reflecting all Boot Camp Core
  • $50 check made out to Oklahoma State Department of Education

Upon completion of these requirements, students will be 10 credit hours away from a Master’s degree in Special Education, and we would encourage all students to consider completing the full degree.


Additional Information

To maintain certification and move towards a Standard Certificate, students must complete at least 6 credit hours per year for 3 years (18 hours total).  Courses progressing towards a Master’s degree in Special Education will be acceptable (Mild/Moderate or Severe/Profound) as advised by the program coordinator, Dr. Terry Spigner (