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Important Update:

Consistent with revised CDC guidance, vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals are recommended to wear a mask when in public indoor spaces where COVID-19 virus transmission is considered substantial or high.

COVID-19 Resources: COVID-19 Testing | Report Positive Test, Symptoms, or Direct Exposure | Vaccine Information | COVID-19 Website 

Parents are encouraged to visit and participate. Opportunities for involvement include the following:

  • Family Receptions
  • Committee Involvement
  • Sharing Cultural Experiences and Traditions
  • Evaluating Program Effectiveness
  • Observe in the Observation Booth
  • Special Activities
  • Parent Educational Resources
  • Sharing Special Talents and Resources

Parent Communication Guidelines

In efforts to maintain ongoing communication, several mechanisms are in place, which include:

  • Parent Newsletters and Bulletins
  • Day To Day Verbal Communication
  • Phone Calls, Notes and Emails
  • Weekly Lesson Plans
  • Parent Conferences
  • Home Visits

Training and Observation Site

It is important for parents to understand that the children in the Child Study Center are observed by students enrolled in specific courses at UCO. The study center also serves as a training site. There will be some students that will work directly with children under supervision of the Child Study Center staff. All UCO students are instructed to use confidentiality regarding issues that involve the children and their families.