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Basic Course

The basic course consists of a four-semester block of instruction normally taken during the freshman and sophomore years. Basic course instruction/labs are taken each week for two semesters. The emphasis in these courses is on team and leadership development, hands-on equipment instruction, land navigation and leadership skills training.

In order to receive credit for completing the basic course in residence at UCO, the student must complete four semesters of classroom/lab instruction. The student may also gain credit for the basic course by taking the Cadet Initial Entry Training Course (CIET). This course is the 28-day course conducted at Fort Knox, Kentucky and instructs students on those subjects taught during the basic course of the ROTC program. Students with prior military service or membership in the National Guard or Reserves may also receive advanced placement for part of or the entire basic course, depending upon the amount and character of service performed. Regardless of the option, advanced placement or prior military training completed a student must complete the basic course or its equivalent to gain eligibility to enroll in the advanced course.

  • MLSC 1102 – Basic Military Science I Fall
  • MLSC 1011 – Basic Leadership Lab I Fall
  • MLSC 1132 – Basic Military Science I Spring
  • MLSC 1031 – Basic Leadership Lab I Spring
  • MLSC 2202 – Basic Military Science II Fall
  • MLSC 2011 – Basic Leadership Lab II Fall
  • MLSC 2252 – Basic Military Science II Spring
  • MLSC 2021 – Basic Leadership Lab II Spring

For more course info, view the course descriptions guide.

Advanced Course

The advanced course is designed to commission officers for service in the United States Army, both active duty and reserve. Successful completion of the advanced course at UCO earns the student a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army. The advanced course consists of four semesters of classroom/lab instructional courses and a 33-day summer course at Fort Knox, Kentucky. 

An additional military history course, normally taken during the junior or senior year, must also be completed prior to commissioning. Advanced course students in their junior year are paid a tax-free subsistence allowance of $450.00 per month and $500 during their senior year.

The student must graduate from the Cadet Leaders Course (CLC) prior to being eligible for commissioning. CLC is normally attended during the summer break between junior and senior year.

While attending CLC, students are paid approximately $600.00. The U.S. Army furnishes travel expenses to and from CIET, uniforms, quarters, medical care and rations during the course period.

Additionally, advanced course cadets may be eligible to attend Army schools such as Airborne, Air Assault and Northern Warfare. They may also spend several weeks during the summer with active Army units located in Europe, Asia and throughout the United States. These activities are voluntary and students must meet high standards to be eligible for attendance.

The applicant for the advanced course of instruction must:

  • Be a citizen of the United States or an alien in a category approved by the Department of the Army. Approval must be granted prior to enrollment.
  • Be at least 17 years of age at the time of enrollment and not reach 30 years of age at the time of commissioning in the U.S. Army (this may be waived).
  • Be medically qualified in accordance with standards prescribed by the Department of the Army.
  • Have satisfactorily completed the basic course or Leader’s Training Course or have equivalent military or ROTC training. Veterans holding honorable discharges may qualify for the advanced course.
  • Have a minimum overall academic average of 2.0 and have completed a minimum of 60 credit hours.
  • Be selected by the professor of Military Science.
  • Execute a written agreement with the government to complete the two-year advanced course of training, attend CLC, agree in writing to accept an appointment as a commissioned officer in the Army Reserve, and serve a prescribed tour of active or reserve component duty as a commissioned officer.

  • MLSC 3103 – Advanced Military Science III Fall
  • MLSC 3011 – Advanced Leadership Lab III Fall
  • MLSC 3153 – Advanced Military Science III Spring
  • MLSC 3021 – Advanced Leadership Lab III Spring
  • MLSC 4103 – Advanced Military Science IV Fall
  • MLSC 4011 – Advanced Leadership Lab IV Fall
  • MLSC 4113 – Advanced Military Science IV Spring
  • MLSC 4021 – Advanced Leadership Lab IV Spring

For more course info, view the course descriptions guide.