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Army ROTC serves as the largest commissioning source for the Army, producing approximately 70 percent of all the officers for the active Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve. Cadets complete a rigorous curriculum of classroom and leadership lab instruction, physical training and various summer training opportunities, all while attending college as full-time students.        

Requirements for Commissioning

  • U.S. Citizen
  • Less than 34 years old the year of commissioning
  • Be medically qualified at the time of commissioning
  • Per AR 600-9, meet the height/weight requirements for your age
  • Per AR 145-1, pass the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) within six months of the date of commissioning
  • Pass a swim test and a Combat Water Survival Test (CWST)
  • Obtain a security clearance with a secret status.
  • Complete Army 1000 level classes (MLSC 1011 and 1132 with required leadership labs each semester) and Army 2000 level classes (MLSC 2202 and 2252 with required leadership labs each semester)
    Or Complete the Cadet Initial Entry Training(CIET) at Ft. Knox, Kentucky
    Or Complete Basic Training and AIT
  • Complete Army 3000 level classes (MLSC 3103 and 3153 with required leadership labs each semester)
  • Complete the Cadet Leader’s Course(CLC) at Ft. Knox, Kentucky
  • Complete Army 4000 level classes (MLSC 4103 and 4113 with required leadership labs each semester)
  • Complete an approved military history course from the PMS List
  • Earn a baccalaureate degree from a four-year institution (Must be from UCO or a partnership school)