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usca-logoThe University of Central Oklahoma College of Business, in coordination with Bob Mills Furniture, has established the Bob Mills Professional Sales Center. The UCO Professional Sales Center provides students with a dedicated space to practice selling strategies, prepare for competitions and interview with local executives and companies. 

The UCO professional sales program is named one of the top universities for professional sales education by the Sales Education Foundation (SEF). 

The UCO College of Business offers both a major and minor in professional sales, both housed in the Department of Marketing – students in the program have placed in competitions around the country. Graduates of the program have a 100 % job placement rate and go on to pursue successful careers in sales. 

The Bob Mills Professional Sales Center is located in the UCO College of Business. 


About the Marketing Department at UCO

Professional Sales Career Fair 3The UCO Department of Marketing fields successful and nationally recognized competition sales teams that compete on both regional and national levels, in order to provide the most opportunities for students. To select members of the sales team, the sales faculty conduct and review multiple course role plays of interested students and then select the best of the best.

UCO's Professional Selling Team

UCO's Professional Selling team competes in five-eight sales events each academic year. Students on the UCO Professional Selling team have the opportunity to network with national-level employers and win cash prizes. All travel and competition expenses are covered by the competition, or by UCO.

Participation in competitions provides team members with experience, improves their skills through the coaching they receive and helps prepare them for future jobs. In addition, there are numerous opportunities for all students to participate in career fairs, where they can meet employers and often interview for both internship and job opportunities. 

Meet the UCO Professional Sales Team

Traditionally, the sales team participates in the following competitions.

Fall Semester

  • Challenger Sales Institute Quad State Challenge (October – Oklahoma City)
  • Great Northwoods (October – Eau Clair, Wisconsin)
  • International Collegiate Sales Competition (November – Orlando, Florida)

Spring Semester

  • Redbird National Sales Competition (February – Virtual)
  • Toledo Invitational (February – Toledo, Ohio)
  • National Collegiate Sales Competition (March – Kennesaw, Georgia)
  • AMA Collegiate Sales Competition (March – New Orleans, Louisiana)
  • Challenger Sales Institute Regional Competition (March – Oklahoma City)