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Our Student Success Workshops program was this year’s first-place winner of the 2022 Masonic Endowment for Transformative Learning Award. The Student Success Center offers free student success workshops throughout the semester in three tracks:

College Boss: Workshops centered on providing tools students need to succeed in college

Career Doctor: Workshops for career and professional development needs

Adulting 101: Workshops designed to give students a leg up on how to “adult” in real life


The Student Success Center now offers two micro-credential digital badges from UCO via Credly, UCO’s online digital badging platform. Once you complete the required workshops listed below for each of the badges, the Student Success Center will verify your completion and submit a request to issue the badge to you.

Why do you want a micro-credential? They can be connected to professional social media pages like LinkedIn, embedded in personal websites and downloaded for use in resumes or email signatures. It’s an easy way to showcase your accomplishment.

For more information about the benefits of micro-credentials, visit UCO’s micro-credential website.

College-to-Career Transition

The college-to-career transition micro-credential is designed to provide the learner with the tools to successfully apply for a job upon graduation. The learner will be equipped with the knowledge to create professional job application materials used to further their career.

Complete the following student success workshops:

  • Career Doctor: Creating a Knockout Resume;
  • Career Doctor: Cover Letter? Cover This;
  • Career Doctor: Interviewing 101;
  • Career Doctor: Developing Your Job and Internship Search Strategy; and,
  • Career Doctor: Brand Yourself!


Workplace Soft Skills

The workplace soft skills micro-credential is designed to introduce the learner to essential workplace soft skills in high demand by prospective employers. Learners will be exposed to best practices for successfully working and interacting with others in the workplace. They will gain a deeper understanding of how their attitude and behaviors impact their ability to form relationships, create trust and dependability and effectively contribute to the success of a team.

Complete the following student success workshops:

  • Adulting 101: Thanks for the Feedback;
  • Adulting 101: The Resilient Mindset;
  • Adulting 101: The Art of Taking Initiative;
  • Adulting 101: Please Don't "Reply All"; and,
  • Adulting 101: How "Intelligent" Are You?

Our Student Success Workshops are offered in various formats: virtually via Zoom Video Chat, in-person or hybrid. Click the link of the workshops you are interested in attending for additional information on how to "attend" the workshop. Email for any questions. 

More Information

For more information about Student Success Workshops, contact Jordan Scribner.