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The UCO College of Business Advisors provides advising services to all undergraduate business majors and minors, except for first-time entering freshmen who must go through FORGE (i.e., UCO Orientation). Our advisors monitor all admission, transfer and continuation requirements to assist you in staying on track toward graduation.

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Except for peak periods at the beginning of the semester, most advisors see students by appointment only.

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Please review our Policies and Procedures prior to scheduling an appointment.

Business Academic Advisors


Morgan Ridenour; 405-974-2435; BUS 222E

Management; Human Resources Management; Professional Golf Management; General Business and Undecided Business.

Emily Ayers; 405-974-2847; BUS 222C

Management Information Systems (MIS); Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM); Marketing; Professional Selling; General Business and Undecided Business.

Hank Lankford; 405-974-5662; BUS 222C

Finance; Insurance and Risk Management; CFP Education Requirements; Business Law; General Business and Undecided Business.

Morgan Walls; 405-974-2840; BUS 222C

Accounting; Accounting Certificate for CPA Credit Hours; General Business and Undecided Business.

Lauren Eichinger; 405-974-2341; Santa Fe Plaza

Current MBA in Downtown OKC and Prospective MBA, PMBA (100% online) and MSBA students


Online Advisement 

The Student Success Center offers undergraduate advisement appointments via phone, email and/or Zoom Video Call. You can schedule an appointment online, by calling 405-974-2325 or by visiting the Student Success Center (BUS 222).

My Degree Plan

You can find information about your degree progress online with My Degree Plan. Sign in with your UCONNECT username and password. The worksheet tab shows you the classes you completed and the ones you have left to complete. At the bottom of the page, you will see notes your advisor may have left you during an appointment. Click the plans tab to see suggested class schedules if you have met with an advisor to create one, and you are also able to create plans yourself and run audits to track your progress. If you experience any issues with this program or have questions about your worksheet, contact your advisor via email.


Prospective Undergraduate Student Services

The College of Business is committed to recruiting and serving prospective undergraduate students through campus visits made to the local community colleges and high schools in Oklahoma, facilitating campus visits and participation in campus admissions and recruiting events such as Transfer Advisor Day, Get to Know UCO, Central Close-up, Admitted Student Day, Spotlight Tours and Transfer Central.

We have a staff member dedicated specifically to prospective students who are interested in transferring to UCO and pursuing a business major but want a little bit more information before they apply.

Appointment Manager 

Appointment Manager (AM) is our premier scheduling system in the College of Business for appointments with our advisors and career consultant. Through AM, students can access notes and documents from their appointment, appointment information and emails.

Course Substitution Process

When requesting a course substitution for a course offered by a department within the College of Business that the student took at a previous institution outside of UCO, the student must submit the College of Business Student Course Substitution Request Form with supporting documentation for each course they want to request a substitution. In order for the request to be processed, the form must be complete with all the required documentation included. Allow up to four weeks for processing.

***It is recommended that students visit with their College of Business advisor prior to submitting a course substitution request so the advisor can discuss the process with the student and evaluate if there is a need for the substitution request.


A prerequisite is a course you have to take prior to taking the next course. The purpose of a prerequisite is to prepare you for the next course in the sequence since it will draw upon the knowledge learned from the prior course. 

For business majors, if you meet the prerequisites for a business support or business core course based on the flowchart and are having trouble with enrollment (i.e., prerequisite error messages), contact your advisor.

For non-business majors, contact a business advisor for assistance via email at, by phone at (405) 974-2325 or in person in the Student Success Center (BUS 222).

Freshman Business Advisement

Freshman advisement (0-24 hours earned) is located in the Academic Advisement Center in the Nigh University Center (NUC), room 121. If you are a freshman Professional Golf Management (PGM) student, call (405) 974-2325 to schedule an advisement appointment.

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