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In order to properly prepare students for the demands of the profession, the faculty of the University of Central Oklahoma Department of Management has dedicated itself to the goal of providing each student with the highest quality instruction and classroom learning experience possible.

The outstanding academic credentials of the faculty, together with a wealth of real-world business experience, provide the means to ensure that this goal is achieved.

Management Degree Programs

The Management Department offers three degree programs leading to the Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree.

Management Major

The management program is designed to prepare students for managerial positions in a number of fields with a broad skill set. Courses provide students with a core foundation to manage human, physical and financial resources in a way that ethically and strategically moves an organization to accomplish its goals. Students select a focus in either entrepreneurship, project management or retail management. These areas were specifically chosen for individuals interested in small business or startup endeavors, working in the corporate environment or a focus in the retail industry.


Human Resource Management Major

The human resource management program curriculum is aligned with the standards of the largest professional body – the Society of Human Resource Management – in the world of work. Due to this, students selecting HRM as a major prepare to be functionally capable of taking on a generalist role, performing the core HR functions on the job, in any organization. HRM majors are well equipped to be contributors to the strategic health and viability of the organization – not simply the “employee relations” team.


PGA Golf Management Major

The PGA golf management program at UCO is one of only 18 programs accredited by the PGA (Professional Golfers’ Association of America). The golf management program provides students with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the golf industry through extensive classroom studies, internship experiences, a student association and a player development program. The program goal is to produce graduates who meet the qualifications to be a PGA member.


Management Faculty and Staff

Department Chairperson

Holly Osburn, Ph.D.

Department Assistant Chairperson

Lee Tyner, Ed.D.

Full-Time Faculty

Alireza Aghaey, Ph.D.
Suzanne Clinton, D.B.A.
Melody Edwards
Jason Eliot, J.D.
Maurice Haff
Abbie Lambert, Ph.D.
Lalit Manral, Ph.D.
Victoria McKee, Ph.D.
Sammy Muriithi, D.B.A.
Saheli Nath, Ph.D.
Benjamin Pratt, Ph.D.


Professional Staff

Carrie Enterline, Administrative Assistant II 

Advisory Boards

Entrepreneurship Advisory Board

HR Management Advisory Board

Management Advisory Board