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How Can Your Economics Education Help You?

The economics department teaches students how economies operate and how the real-world works. Covering a broad spectrum of topics from labor markets, to international trade, to renewable energy, our degree programs develop the quantitative and analytical skills of our students. Students have the opportunity to customize their degree with elective courses such as game theory, money and banking, law and economics, sports economics, international monetary relations, energy economics, and many more.

Economics majors will take intermediate macroeconomics, microeconomics, and business statistics. You also gain in-demand job market skills in quantitative business forecasting and econometric methods. A degree in economics immediately sets you apart from other applicants and makes you eligible for jobs across all fields including as a data analyst, in business and investment strategy, legal consulting, auditing, supply chain management and many more. A degree in Economics also serves as a springboard for advanced study and is traditionally one of the top accepted degrees into law schools.

Career Opportunities:

  • Data Science
  • Research Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Consulting
  • Government and Policy

Small Classes with Personal Attention

It’s the best way to learn. And with small classes, it’s how we teach. Here, you’ll get individual attention from experienced mentors.

Each of our 9 full-time economics professors holds a doctorate. As a group, they offer a truly broad range of experience in business, consulting for litigation and government policy guidance. This combined with extensive practical research that has been featured by news organizations both locally and globally provides our faculty the expertise and understanding needed to offer support and direction to our students. Our faculty lead many different exciting research projects with their students and actively contribute to the McNair Sholars Program and STLR.

Economics Degree Programs

The Economics Department offers three degree programs leading to the Bachelor of Business of Administration (B.B.A.) degree. Whether you want to prepare for life in business, government, or grad school we have the degree for you.

Economics Major

The BBA in Economics develops the quantitative and analytical skills of our students through rigorous coursework, preparing students for careers in data science, business, law, government, and more. The BBA in economics is a federally recognized STEM degree


Energy Economics Major

A Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Energy Economics from the UCO College of Business prepares students for a career that focuses on the energy sector. The program instills the core skills all economics majors experience with an added focus on the numerous issues encountered in the oil, natural gas, renewable energy, and electricity sector. Students also learn about regulatory issues and significant quantitative analysis related to the field. It incorporates material from other disciplines such as accounting, finance, and engineering which also deliver essential skills relevant to the energy industry.


International Business Major

The international business program provides an avenue for students with a strong preference for international business and those who want to work for international companies or companies doing international business.


Economics Faculty and Staff

Department Chairperson

Travis Roach, Ph.D.

Full-Time Faculty 

NaRita Anderson, Ph.D.
Mariya Burdina, Ph.D. 
Huiying Chen, Ph.D.
Glenn Hsu, Ph.D.
Chintamani Jog, Ph.D. 
Sohee Park, Ph.D.
Linh Pham, Ph.D.
Travis Roach, Ph.D.
Zhen Zhu, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty 

Yury Rouba
Jason Soper, J.D.

Professional Staff

Ofelia Tovar, Administrative Assistant II