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After Admission

Admitted Students: What’s Next? 

Congratulations on your acceptance to the University of Central Oklahoma! You’re about to start a new journey—one where you’ll establish connections, have life-changing experiences and take steps toward your future career. If you received your acceptance letter, the following guides help you confirm your spot and get started with the enrollment process. 


Choose Your Admitted Student Status:


Incoming Freshman   Transfer Student   Concurrent Student

                            International Student   Graduate Student

Checklist for Admitted Students

Between receiving your acceptance letter and starting classes, you’ll need to:

Submit Your FAFSA and Continue Applying for Scholarships

If you haven’t done so already, complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). All students, no matter their or their family’s income, are encouraged to submit this document, as doing so places you in consideration for institutional scholarships. For scholarship eligibility, your FAFSA must be sent by Feb. 1 for the upcoming fall semester.

Along with finishing your FAFSA, realize that you still have time to apply for outside scholarships and financial assistance. Continue exploring programs and sending applications.

Activate Your UCONNECT Account

UCONNECT is UCO’s one-stop shop for information and resources. Creating and activating your UCONNECT account:

  • Lets you set up and use your student email address;
  • Provides access to course materials once you begin your classes;
  • Gives you access to our portal for enrollment information and financial aid; and, 
  • Lets you explore and apply for on-campus housing

If you need assistance with UCONNECT, contact the UCO Service Desk at 405-974-2255, or find additional resources online

Accept Your Financial Aid Award

The My Financial Aid section under UCONNECT displays your financial aid award. At this stage, you’re advised to review your complete package to accept the full or partial amount. Learn more about accepting your award.

Meet with Your Academic or Program Advisor 

Your advisor provides a source of guidance during your time at UCO. For undergraduate students, you’re recommended to use your advisor’s assistance for selecting classes, exploring career paths, choosing your major and fulfilling all graduation requirements. For graduate students, your program advisor helps shape and offer feedback about your plan of study. 

Sign Up for Orientation

Prepare to start your first semester at UCO with the New Broncho Orientation experience. You’ll have the opportunity to stay on campus to meet faculty and staff, start connecting with other incoming students like yourself, and complete placement testing. Learn more about New Broncho Orientation.

Enroll in Classes

After meeting with your advisor and taking placement tests, you’ll use UCONNECT to enroll in classes for the upcoming semester and create your schedule. Understand more about what you need to do.

Submit Immunization Records

Both full- and part-time students must submit immunization records or an exemption form. 

Attend Welcome Week

Welcome Week is a two-week celebration at the start of the fall semester. We want you to not only get adjusted to campus life and the Central community but feel more at home. Learn more about Stampede Week and what to expect when you attend

Obtain a Parking Decal

Do you intend to bring a vehicle to campus? Whether you’ll be commuting or living on campus, a flat fee for the entire academic year helps you secure a permit. Learn more about what to do in regards to parking.

Have Any Questions Before You Enroll?

If you’re an admitted student with any questions or concerns, head to Broncho OneStop to get the answers you need. Review all resources online, or contact the call center at 405-974-2727.