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Transfer students are invaluable to our community and make up nearly half of our student population!

Transfer Students are undergraduate students who have attended an accredited college or university and have attempted more than 6 credit hours. 

 *Excluding developmental (pre-college) work or credit hours accumulated as a concurrently-enrolled high school student.


Attention St. Gregory's Students:

Are you a student at St. Gregory's? Learn more about what UCO has to offer and how our team can help you transfer to Central to finish your degree.


How will my classes transfer to UCO?

Students can use the online transfer guide to determine how courses will transfer to UCO. The Online Transfer Guide provides students with course equivalencies for previously reviewed courses from other institutions. 

If you are searching for a course, or courses, that are not listed in the database, this does not necessarily mean you will not receive credit upon transfer.  It simply means we have not had the chance to evaluate that particular course. Upon admission our articulation department will evaluate your course(s). 

For additional assistance prior to admission, students can make an in-person or phone appointment with one of our Transfer Specialists. Contact the Transfer and Transition Support Office to schedule an appointment. 

Online Transfer Guide


Transfer Student Scholarships

The admission application is for both admission & scholarship consideration.  To be considered for scholarships, students must apply and ensure admission materials are received no later than the scholarship deadline.   Students meeting the scholarship deadline will be considered for academic scholarships at Central.

Students must have 24 earned hours at the time of scholarship deadline to be considered for academic scholarships.  Student seeking second bachelor degrees are not eligible for academic scholarships.

Scholarship Deadlines:

  • Fall and Summer Terms – April 1
  • Spring Term – November 1

*There is no deadline for admission consideration.  

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