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We know transition can be difficult, but our team is here to help. At the University of Central Oklahoma, we are committed to helping you connect to a personal experience at Central, so you can be confident and ready to finish your degree.


Apply to Central

All currently-enrolled St. Gregory's students can apply to UCO for the Spring 2018 semester with a waived application fee, which means applying to Central is as easy as one, two, free!

To receive the fee waiver, complete the online application. When you reach the payment screen, do not enter payment information and then, contact the Transfer and Transition Support Office to get your application fee waived.

Students can submit unofficial St. Gregory’s transcripts for admissions purposes. However, official transcripts must be submitted by January 22, 2018.


Financial Aid

Currently enrolled St. Gregory's students are eligible for a one-time $500 tuition waiver for the Spring 2018 semester. (Students must meet regular admissions standards and enroll in six credit hours by January 18, 2018 to receive the waiver.)

Waivers will be automatically applied to a student’s account after January 18, 2018.  For additional questions, contact the Transfer and Transition Support Office.


Teach Out Agreement

For St. Gregory's Seniors

Students with less than one year until graduation at St. Gregory’s may benefit from attending UCO under the Teach Out Agreement. This agreement ensures the equitable treatment of students and a reasonable opportunity for students to complete their program(s) of study.
Through the agreement, UCO will accept all credits, charge no admission fees, charge tuition equal or less than St. Gregory’s, and allow students to finish their degrees in the same amount of time that it would have taken at St. Gregory’s.
Students with more than a year left to graduate are welcome to transfer to Central, but will not qualify for the Teach Out Agreement.  UCO will only accept students who are in good social and academic standing as of Nov. 8, 2017. For more information contact us.

Housing and Dining

UCO's Housing and Dining Office will offer all St. Gregory's students a $500 credit toward any housing option and a 20 percent discount on any meal plan for the Spring 2018 semester.



Graduate Students

 The UCO Jackson College of Graduate Studies will waive the 10-hour transfer limit for graduate courses on a case-by-case basis, according to recommendations made by a Central advisor.



Have questions? Contact UCO's Transfer and Transition Support Office at or 405-974-2456.