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How long does it take to go through the admissions process?

Once all application materials are received, a decision is usually reached within five business days.  Notifications will be sent via email or mail.

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I was denied admission/do not meet the automatic admissions standard. Can I still be admitted?

Refer to our Admissions Appeals page, outlining the appeals process and policy.

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What does it mean to be considered an out-of-state/non-resident student?

The University of Central Oklahoma is a state-supported institution of higher education supported by legislative funds derived from state of Oklahoma tax revenue.  As a state, tax-supported institution, the university gives preference in-state tuition pricing to residents of Oklahoma. 

Students may petition for in-state/resident status by filling out a Residency Petition Form

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Is the application fee transferable or refundable?

The undergraduate admissions application fee at the University of Central Oklahoma is a processing fee that is valid for the term in which the student applied.  As a processing fee, it is non-transferable to other terms and non-refundable.

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Can I defer or waive my admissions application fee?

Students who qualify for an ACT Fee Waiver or free and reduced lunch may request to have the admissions application fee deferred to their UCO account. Students are responsible for the admissions application fee regardless of their decision to attend Central. Also, students who participate in federally funded TRiO programs, such as Upward Bound, may request to have their admissions application fee waived. Request to Waive or Defer Admissions Application Fee.

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What does "admissions term" mean?

Admissions term refers to the semester a student plans to start classes at UCO.

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Can undocumented students apply for admissions?

The University of Central Oklahoma welcomes all undergraduate applicants regardless of citizenship status.  Undocumented Students, with or without Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status, should follow the same application procedure for all other UCO applicants.

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Student Applicant Review Board

Students who have been charged or convicted of a felony crime will need to provide further information for a review by the Student Applicant Review Board (SARB). More information about the review process by the SARB.


Previous Suspensions or Expulsions

Students who have been suspended, expelled, or placed on probation at a previous college or university will need to meet with the Director of Student Conduct for a review of the previous matter(s). More information about the review process with the Director of Student Conduct.