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Federal work-study provides undergraduate and graduate students with part-time employment in an approved on or off campus position.  These are Federal funds and based on a student’s need. A work-study offer does not guarantee an offer of employment.

To apply, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and indicate on the FAFSA your interest in work-study. View and apply for available positions. Positions are posted throughout the semester.

The student's earnings cannot exceed the awarded amount of work-study. The hourly pay scale for on and off-campus positions are:

  • Clerical $7.25 - $8.40
  • Technical $7.25 - $9.60
  • Tutors $7.25 - $10.10

For non-work study employment, go to the UCO website under Careers, search on-campus job postings and create applications to apply for a job.  For questions regarding postings, send an email to