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The Max Chambers Library will be open 7:30 a.m.-10 p.m., Nov. 22., 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Nov. 23 and will be closed Nov. 24-26. The Wellness Center will be closed Nov. 23-27 and will resume normal hours Nov. 28.

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Why don’t I see my scholarship/tuition waiver on my bursar account?

Scholarships and tuition waivers are authorized to pay toward allowable expenses on the student’s bursar account within one (1) week from when they are received by the awarding party. If these awards are for an upcoming semester, you will see these awards disbursed to your bursar account once we begin processing for the next semester:

Fall: July 1
Spring: Dec 1
Summer: May 1 

Tuition Waivers

How can I apply my senior citizen tuition waiver? 

Senior Citizens (age 65+) that are not seeking a degree at UCO, may be eligible to receive the senior citizen tuition waiver. You can complete the senior citizen waiver form after you have been admitted and enrolled to audit your courses. You will only need to complete this form once while you are auditing courses at UCO.

Why don't I see my tuition waivers on my financial aid awards?

Your tuition waivers are setup each semester to authorize payments based on eligible charges on your bursar account, whereas your financial aid awards are setup as an annual award that disburses an overall award each semester.

When will my tuition waiver show on my account?

Tuition waivers will show on your bursar account when we begin processing payments for the semester that the award is authorized to pay the charges. These dates tend to fall on or around:

Fall: July 1
Spring: Dec. 1
Summer: May 1

Who processes my tuition waiver to my account?

The Scholarship team within the Student Financial Services office will apply the tuition waivers within one (1) week of receiving the award from the awarding department.

Can my tuition waiver be refunded to me?

Tuition waivers are never refunded as waivers are authorized to only pay toward tuition charges on the bursar account. Any remaining balance on the tuition waiver authorization is automatically applied to the student account if additional tuition charges are added to the student bursar account for the authorized semester.

Do I have to be a full-time student to receive my tuition waiver(s)?

For most awards, students will have to maintain full-time enrollment:

Undergraduate: 12 hours
Graduate: 9 Hours

What happens to it if I drop below full time?

If your tuition charges fall below the disbursed tuition waiver award, your tuition waiver payment will reverse accordingly.

Am I automatically awarded if I qualify?

Not typically. Many departments have a tuition waiver application process and will award accordingly. Please check the awarding department website to verify if there is an application process.

For UCO’s automatic scholarships, if you meet all requirements and the deadline, your account will be authorized for disbursement. You will not see this payment until your account is both authorized and processes have run for the authorized semester.

What if I don't file a FAFSA?

You can still be awarded tuition waivers if you do not complete a FAFSA. We always recommend that you do complete the FAFSA as you never know what you will be awarded. Additionally, some departments take the information provided after your FAFSA is processed into consideration for their tuition waiver applicants.


UCO (Internal) Scholarships

Oklahoma State Regents of Higher Education (OSRHE) Academic Scholar, Institutional Nominee and UCO Baccalaureate Scholarships

Students that are awarded these scholarships will receive both a tuition waiver and a cash scholarship for their awards. For continuing students, the tuition waiver will post when billing processes are run for the upcoming semester. For first-time freshmen, the tuition waiver will post to the bursar account after the census (payment plan deadline) date of their first awarded semester. The cash scholarship for all students is awarded after the census date once the funds are received from the Regents.

For more information about your award, visit the OK College Start website or email

UCO Non-Resident Legacy tuition waiver

To qualify for the Non-Resident Legacy tuition waiver, the student must live out of state and must have parents who have graduated from UCO. There is an application for the Non-Resident Legacy Tuition Waiver. Students also need to submit supporting documentation showing relationship to their relative who graduated from UCO (birth certificates, etc.) The waiver covers the non-resident tuition fees for no more than 12 hours in the fall or spring semester and no more than six (6) hours in the summer.

*Excludes concurrent students.

UCO Oklahoma Resident Legacy tuition waiver

The UCO Legacy scholarship for Oklahoma Residents is awarded through the UCO Foundation. For the undergraduate legacy scholarship for residents, the recipients will be selected in September. This scholarship is open to all incoming freshman legacies. We obtain the applicant’s information from their original UCO application where they indicate they are a UCO legacy. These applications are compiled and presented to the committee at the end of August, and the recipients are selected at the end of September. This scholarship awards $1,000 per year for four years. The recipient will receive $500 per semester up to a four-year maximum.

Why isn't my UCO Scholarship applied to my account yet?

Scholarships may not be applied to the student bursar account for a few reasons. The Scholarship team in Student Financial Services will process all scholarships within one week of receiving the scholarship. Scholarships cannot payout if there are no charges present on the student bursar account. Finally, scholarships will not disburse until we begin processing payments for the semester that the award is authorized to pay the charges. These dates tend to fall on or around:

Fall: July 1
Spring: Dec. 1
Summer: May 1

Why don't I see my UCO Scholarship on my Financial Aid awards?

Your scholarships are setup each semester to authorize payments based on eligible charges on your bursar account, whereas your financial aid awards are setup as an annual award that disburses an overall award each semester.

Can I apply my UCO Scholarship with my other awards?

This is dependent on the awards received, but for the most part, yes.

Am I going to receive any scholarships?

All communication for UCO awards is sent to the student’s UCO email. If you were awarded a scholarship from the UCO Foundation using the scholarship portal, you can check within the portal or by emailing

The information on my scholarship portal is incorrect. How do I correct it?

The information displayed on the scholarship portal is reflected from your student account. Therefore, any changes would need to be made by the appropriate department

For example: if you recently changed your major and your old major is displayed, you would first reach out to your advisor to ensure that your major change has been processed appropriately. If it has, you will then need to reach out to the foundation at and notify them.

Refunding of Scholarships

All scholarships must first be paid to the student bursar account. Any scholarship credits cannot be refunded until the bursar account is paid in full. If a refund is due based on a credit from a scholarship, then the refund for scholarship(s) will begin after the census date each semester.


Third-Party (External) Scholarships

How can I use my Military Tuition Assistance, such as the GI Bill?

This paperwork is typically initiated with your education officer for your branch of the military. Contact UCO’s VetHERO office at or visit the VetHERO website for more information about tuition assistance for active-duty military personnel and veterans.

I am receiving an Oklahoma National Guard tuition waiver. What do I do?

Contact your commanding officer to make sure your paperwork has been properly submitted for approval. The policy dictates that the service members must use a minimum 03 hours per semester and the maximum number of hours allowed is 18. Students can take more than 18 hours, but the Student Tuition Waiver (STW) can only cover up to 18 hours.

Another stipulation of the policy is that the students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 prior to the semester which they are applying for the waiver. They also must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program. The deadline for the spring and fall semesters to input waivers is always the end of the month that the semester starts:

Spring: January
Fall: August

Where do I send/drop-off my check? Can I cash the check?

Any scholarship check and award letter from a third-party organization should be taken to the bursar’s office. These can also be mailed to:

UCO Bursar Counter
100 N. University Dr.
Campus Box 107
Edmond, OK 73034

Please make sure that the student ID number is on the check for proper processing.

Checks cannot be cashed at the bursar account. Scholarship checks are setup to pay toward eligible charges. If there is any balance left over after the bursar account is paid in full, the overage may be refunded to the student through the preferred refund method setup in TouchNet if the scholarship contract allows.

Who should be named as the recipient of the check?

Checks can be made out to UCO or the University of Central Oklahoma with the student ID number and name in the memo line.

When will it be applied to my bursar account?

Checks will be applied to the account within 24 business hours of receipt.

Where do I send my Oklahoma City Community Foundation Scholarship Form to be complete?

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation Scholarship Forms should be sent to the UCO Registrar at Please do not submit a pre-filled form, as it is intended for the Registrar.

Where do I send my Tribal Scholarship Form to have it completed?

Tribal Financial Forms should be submitted to However, keep in mind that if a student’s FAFSA is not complete, these forms cannot be filled out in full until all requirements are met.


Oklahoma’s Promise (OHLAP)

What do I need to do to receive Oklahoma's Promise?

Students must enroll in the program before their junior year in high school. More information about applying can be found on Oklahoma's Promise website.

How do I know if I will be receiving Oklahoma's Promise?

Once students are approved, they will receive a letter in the mail from the Oklahoma State Regents.

How much does it cover?

Oklahoma’s Promise pays the amount of tuition charges. This depends upon how many hours you are enrolled.

Will Oklahoma's Promise pay for remedial courses?

Beginning with the 2018-19 academic year and each year thereafter, Oklahoma’s Promise award will not pay for remedial courses for which the student does not earn college academic credit (often referred to as “zero-level” courses).

What happens to the remainder? Will it be refunded to me?

The remainder is actually not a payment; it is a line item in the FAFSA budget. The amount awarded for Oklahoma’s Promise in the FAFSA is an estimate. The actual payment is the amount that disburses to your account.

How long is it good for?

Oklahoma’s Promise eligibility lasts five years or until a degree is awarded, whichever comes first.

Do I have to fill out a FAFSA to get Oklahoma’s Promise?


Why isn't this listed on my FA awards?

This is usually because students did not fill out Oklahoma’s Promise Request Form.

How do I get Oklahoma’s Promise payments at UCO?

First, UCO needs to receive your FAFSA. This is a yearly requirement. Please make sure UCO is listed on the list of schools to receive your FAFSA. You may be required to provide Proof of Citizenship, Tax Return Transcripts or other forms to process your FAFSA. Once this is completed, you can submit Oklahoma’s Promise Request Form to notify us that you are an Oklahoma’s Promise student.

For Oklahoma’s Promise, how many hours can I enroll in each semester?

Oklahoma's Promise does not have a per-semester hourly requirement like other scholarships. Instead, there is a limit of 128 hours for the entire five-year program. Oklahoma’s Promise will pay tuition charges for any number of hours each semester. Keep in mind, other financial aid awards such as the Pell Grant require a minimum enrollment of six hours to receive half-time payments.

Will Oklahoma’s Promise pay for a ‘Withdraw’?

Yes, Oklahoma’s Promise will still pay for a withdrawn course. You will not be required to reimburse Oklahoma's Promise for the dropped class(es).

I am receiving other scholarships. Will I lose Oklahoma’s Promise?

Oklahoma’s Promise payment is ‘flexible’ and it can pay for other charges besides tuition. This way, students can receive scholarships, tuition waivers and Oklahoma’s Promise. However, there may be restrictions with tuition waivers.

Due to Excessive Hours or a low GPA, I am now on academic probation for financial aid. How does this affect Oklahoma’s Promise?

Oklahoma’s Promise students in college must meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements set by the college to be eligible to receive federal financial aid. If you are not meeting SAP standards, you will be put on probation. During probation, you can still receive payments, but you must not fail or withdraw from any classes. After the probationary semester, if you are still not meeting SAP standards, you will be denied financial aid payments. If you are denied financial aid, you can appeal this decision by submitting a Financial Aid Appeal form online with a written statement explaining your situation.

I am attending two universities, as per the Consortium Agreement. How does that work?

You can receive Oklahoma’s Promise at more than one school during a semester, which is different than the other financial aid awarded through FAFSA. Each institution will pay Oklahoma’s Promise for the courses you are taking from their respective school. Please keep in mind that this only applies to Oklahoma’s Promise and does NOT apply to other forms of financial aid through FAFSA, as per the Consortium Agreement.

Will Oklahoma’s Promise pay for summer semesters?

Yes, Oklahoma's Promise scholarship is available for summer semesters, except for the first summer college semester immediately following your high school graduation.

If you are a transfer student from another university enrolled at UCO for summer courses, you must be a Transfer student seeking a degree. This means UCO will need your transcript from the other school, and the other school will need a transcript from UCO at the end of the semester. Students who are admitted for ‘Personal Interest’ and are not degree-seeking are not eligible for financial aid, including Oklahoma’s Promise.

Will Oklahoma’s Promise pay for graduate courses?

If your university allows you to enroll in graduate-level courses prior to your completion of a Baccalaureate degree, you can use Oklahoma's Promise to help pay for the tuition. However, Oklahoma's Promise will only pay at the undergraduate tuition rate; it will not pay at the graduate-level tuition rate.

How can I contact Oklahoma’s Promise?

Oklahoma's Promise - Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
PO Box 108850, Oklahoma City, OK 73101-8850
405-225-9152 | OKC Metro Area
1-800-858-1840 | Toll-Free



What is work-study?

Work-Study is federal aid that provides students with help to pay for education expenses at an eligible college or career school. You must complete the FAFSA to apply for work-study.

How do I apply for a work-study job?

Go to and choose the “Student” option to view the student job postings. You can also use the letters FWSP in the filter to view only the work-study eligible positions. You must apply and interview like any other position.

How many hours do you have to be in to receive work-study?

At least six (6) credit hours for undergraduate and at least five (5) credit hours for graduate.

How many hours can students work per week?

Up to 25 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters. You can work up to 35 hours during breaks between semesters and summer.

Are students allowed to work during scheduled class time?


Are students allowed to have work-study positions off-campus?

There are certain organizations that work with the university which are located off campus. These jobs will be listed with the student positions on

How often do students get paid?

Bi-weekly through the direct deposit account you setup during the HR hiring process. Work-study does not payout to the bursar account like the rest of your financial aid awards.