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Important Update:

The University of Central Oklahoma physical campus will be closed to all but essential employees through May 31.
Alternative instructional delivery methods will be used for the rest of the spring semester, May intersession courses and summer blocks I and II. Many university services will continue to be available online. For more information, visit the university's COVID-19 website.

Next Steps: Financial Aid

What's next?

After the FAFSA is submitted, the following five sections tell you:


Do I need additional documents?

In order to be considered for federal funding through the University of Central Oklahoma, you must complete all “unsatisfied disbursement” requirements listed in UCONNECT.   These requirements will be listed in the “Financial Aid Requirement” section listed under “My Finances” tab.   All “satisfied disbursement” requirements will have a green check marked under the status column.   All “unsatisfied disbursement” requirements will have a gray check marked under the status column.

Please be sure to check your Financial Aid Requirements section in UCONNECT to verify that you have turned in all necessary requirements to receive federal funding.

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Where can I find financial aid forms?

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When will my financial aid be processed? 

The status of electronic applications may be checked on-line at the FAFSA website, 72 hours after submitting a completed application.

UCO should receive results of the FAFSA within 2 weeks of the Federal Processor date through a weekly download process.   Records processed through Thursday are downloaded and loaded into the system generally by the following Wednesday.  The best time for students to check on a new load of records is on Wednesday.

When all required documents are turned in, accurate, and any corrections are received back from FAFSA, students should allow two weeks to receive an award notification through their UCO email account.  Students must meet all eligibility requirements including meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.

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How much aid will I get? 

Financial aid award information can be assessed in UCONNECT under “My Finances” tab and clicking the tab for “Award Overview.”   Options for “Accept Award Offers” include:

  • Accept the full award amount by selecting the “Accept Full Amount of All Awards” field.
  • Choose “Decline or Accept” for each fund.
  • Accept a partial amount by selecting “Accept” and entering the amount in the “Accept Partial Amount” field.

Any “Unsatisfied Disbursement Requirements” will be displayed for any outstanding documents needed.

Typically, the financial aid package is awarded for the fall and spring terms.  The spring term amounts will not be disbursed until the enrollment for the spring term has been verified.


Cost of Attendance 2019-20

The following cost of attendance is for the purpose of calculating estimated financial aid the student is eligible to receive at the University of Central Oklahoma. Please be aware that these costs may vary from school to school and are estimates for the Financial Aid Office's use in calculation purposes only.  Students should use the Tuition Estimate Calculator to calculate their personal UCO tuition and fee costs. Students are also encouraged to calculate their estimated cost of attendance minus estimated grant and scholarship aid by using the Net Price Calculator.

  • The cost of attendance per federal regulations includes allowances for tuition & fees, room and board, books, transportation and miscellaneous expenses for the period you are requesting assistance.
  • The allowance for room & board may vary depending on where a student will live while attending school (off-campus including University Suites, the Commons and the QUAD, on-campus residence halls - Murdaugh Hall or West Hall, or with parents).

The following cost of attendance figures are estimated expenses for an academic year based on an average full-time enrollment for two semesters for undergraduate and graduate enrollment.  Cost of attendance budgets are adjusted for undergraduate enrollment levels for three-quarters time (9-11 credits), half time (6-8 credits) and less than half time (5 credits and below) with financial aid eligibility adjusted accordingly.


Undergraduate Oklahoma Resident

                                                 Off Campus                        On-Campus                              With Parent
Tuition and Fees               $6,944                                  $6,944                                            $6,944
Loan Fees                                $66                                          $66                                                  $66
Books and Supplies        $1,600                                  $1,600                                            $1,600
Room and Board            $11,270                                 $7,970                                           $3,792
Transportation                  $3,200                                   $3,200
Misc. Expenses                 $5,432                                   $5,432                                           $5,432

Total                                     $28,512                                 $23,612                                         $21,034


Undergraduate Non-Resident

                                               Off Campus                         On-Campus                              With Parent

Tuition and Fees             $17,080                                  $17,080                                       $17,080

Loan Fees                               $66                                             $66                                                 $66

Books and Supplies      $1,600                                       $1,600                                          $1,600

Room and Board           $11,270                                    $7,970                                           $3,792

Transportation                $4,000                                      $2,400                                          $3,200

Misc.  Expenses               $5,432                                       $5,432                                          $5,432

Total                                      $39,448                                   $34,548                                       $31,170

Graduate Oklahoma Resident

                                                 Off Campus                              On-Campus                                With Parent

Tuition and Fees               $5,670                                          $5,670

Loan Fees                               $106                                              $106                                                 $106

Books and Supplies        $1,200                                          $1,200                                            $1,200

Room and Board           $11, 270                                        $7,970                                            $3,792 

Transportation                 $3,200                                          $1,600                                            $3,200

Misc. Expenses                 $5,432                                          $5,432                                            $5,432

Total                                     $26,878                                       $21,978                                            $19,400

Graduate Non-Resident

                                              Off Campus                             On-Campus                                  With Parent

Tuition and Fees           $13,158                                      $13,158                                           $13,158

Loan Fees                            $106                                              $106                                                  $106

Books and Supplies      $1,200                                        $1,200                                               $1,200

Room and Board           $7,970                                         $3,792

Transportation               $4,000                                         $2,400                                              $3,200

Misc. Expenses              $5,432                                         $5,432                                               $5,432

Total                                   $ 35,166                                     $30,266                                            $26,888

Students' accepted and processed financial aid awards pay to the student’s account and refund to the student beginning the first week of each semester or term. After the start of the term, financial aid pays to the student account once a week on Fridays as students are awarded. Financial Aid in excess of tuition, fees, housing, and book/supply charges will be released in the form of a student refund beginning the first week of each term, and throughout the term once each week.

Students are encouraged to calculate their estimated cost of attendance minus estimated grant and scholarship aid by using the Net Price Calculator.

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How and when will I get my refund?


Financial Aid student refunds are processed through Touchnet. Students can select their Refund Delivery Method by logging into UCONNECT, select the My Finances Tab, go to Touchnet.  As soon as you get to the Touchnet site, you will be prompted to Choose Your Refund Delivery Method.  There is just one choice, “Direct Deposit to Your Existing Checking or Savings Bank Account.”  If you do not have an existing bank account, UCO partners with MidFirst to offer the Broncho Checking Account.


Once a refund has been release, it will take 1-2 days for it to post to your bank account. When a refund is available, you will be notified via email.

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How do I get financial aid for the summer? 

The summer session at UCO is considered the end of the award year, therefore the FAFSA data used to determine aid eligibility for the Fall and Spring terms of that academic year would be used to determine aid eligibility for the following summer.

  • Students seeking federal financial aid for the summer term (including Oklahoma's Promise (OHLAP), student loans, grants and work-study funding) must complete the UCO Summer Aid Application, which is available online from March through July, in addition to the current year FAFSA.  Be sure to review the Summer Aid Application closely for processing timelines and deadline dates associated with the summer term.
  • Year-Round Pell Grants| Summer 2019
    Pell eligible students enrolled full-time in Fall 2018/ Spring 2019 may be eligible for Summer Pell
    • Have completed a 18-19 FAFSA and be Pell eligible
    • Complete a 2019 Summer Application
    • Must be making academic progress
    • Must be enrolled half-time/6+ credits and attend the courses
    • Have lifetime Pell limit eligibility remaining for summer
  • Summer 2019 Financial Aid Application
  • For Federal-aid eligibility purposes for summer, the undergraduate definition of full, three-quarter, and part-time enrollments are the same as for the fall and spring Terms. 
    • For undergraduates:
      full-time is 12 hours or more; three-quarter time is 9-11 hours, and half-time is 6-8 hours. 
    • For students working on a Master’s degree: full-time is 9 or more hours and half-time is 5-8 hours. 
    • Students must be enrolled at least half-time for a student loan and/or work-study funding.
  • Your application may automatically be delayed if you are currently on probation for the spring term, as we must review your term progress before your request for summer aid can be considered.  In addition, processing may be delayed if your program of study for the summer term has changed, and is different than the one used for the previous fall and/or spring term.
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