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Financial Aid and Costs

Where do you want to go? In examining bachelor’s degrees or graduate school, programs are your first instinct. You want to study something that engages you and helps you reach your career and personal goals. However, financial aid and tuition play a factor. The University of Central Oklahoma strives to deliver the best of both worlds—innovative, knowledge-expanding programs taught by award-winning faculty and diverse financial aid packages, plus experiential opportunities that translate your passion into a career.

Whether you are applying for financial aid for the first time or are a current student looking for information, we aim to make reaching your dreams more affordable. Learn more about the financial aid process, and find resources concerning assistance, tuition and other related costs below. 

How to Apply for Financial Aid 

You’ve probably heard: College Consensus named UCO the most affordable public university in Oklahoma. Further supporting this, LendEDU listed us in 2019 as a school with one of the lowest student debt ratios

 Whichever statistic you reference, Central students graduate with far less debt than the national average. To get started, all students thinking about applying to UCO are encouraged to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), regardless of their family’s income. Doing this makes you eligible for grants, loans, scholarships and work-study and helps us assemble a financial aid package in line with your needs. 

Read more about applying for financial aid, keep track of important deadlines and know what to do once you receive your award, including reviewing and approving all forms of assistance.

Types of Financial Aid

In general, financial aid provides monetary assistance to help you pay for the cost of tuition, fees and other education-related expenses. Aid typically comes in the form of loans, scholarships, grants and work-study from federal, state, school or private sources. Although assistance is based on your or your family’s financial need, merit, especially for scholarships, may further be considered. 

Factors Affecting Financial Aid Awards 

Each year, you’ll complete your FAFSA to continue receiving your award. However, multiple factors can alter your financial aid package. Students receiving aid are expected to maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) while enrolled at UCO. As well, residency requirements and enrollment status may affect your eligibility for certain awards. 

Learn more about how UCO measures and assesses your academic progress, residency requirements and enrollment, and the steps you can take to appeal a decision.

Tuition and Costs

UCO bases tuition on the number of credit hours you take per semester, course level and residency status. Fees are additionally factored in. Find resources for calculating your tuition and estimated costs, and learn more about ways you can pay your bill. 

College Preparation Resources

Continue growing what you need to know about applying to college and for financial aid. Find more information about taking the ACT, or get tips from the Oklahoma College Assistance Program for completing your application, exploring financial aid opportunities and managing your student loans. 

Learn More About Applying for Financial Aid

Have questions about completing your FAFSA or maintaining your financial aid award? Direct your inquiries to the Broncho OneStop for assistance via phone at 405-974-2727 or visit the Broncho OneStop Help Center.

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