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Student Steps for Setting up a Proxy

  1. Log into UCONNECT.
  2. Locate the Academics tab on UCONNECT
  3. Scroll down a bit to the Proxy Access portlet on the left.
  4. Then click on the Add Proxy icon. 
     Proxy Access 1
  5. Next add the proxy's first and last name and email address and click on the Add Proxy button
    Add Proxy Button
  6. Click on "Expand (your proxy name)" line and set up the profile and authorizations for your proxy.
    Proxy Management
  7. The "passphrase" is used when the proxy is contacting UCO by phone or in person. The proxy would be asked for the passphrase, and if they responded correctly, then UCO could provide the designated information (as set up on the authorizations).
  8. To set up additional proxies, simply click on the Add Proxy icon again. 

Authorizations Setup

To allow proxy access to specific information, simply click on the appropriate checkboxes.

As shown below, individual pages can be checked (View Account Summary), or a category of pages (Financial Aid Options).

 Authorizations Setup