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What is Third-Party Proxy Access?

Third-Party Proxy Access allows the student to create accounts for parents, spouses, employers, etc., (the proxies) that permits the proxy to view the student's UCO information. Information accessed can include student records for the financial account, financial aid, registration, transcript, grades and other personal information, either online or when the Third-Party Proxy is talking to UCO by phone.

Who (Which Students) Can Create and Set Up Third-Party Proxy Access?

Freshmen regularly admitted  will see a Third-Party Proxy Access link on the Academics tab in UCONNECT. 

Who is in Control?

The student! The student determines who the Third-Party Proxies are and what information can be accessed and for how long. For example, a student may give parents access to the transcript for the student's entire stay at UCO, or the student may give an insurance company access for one week to verify the student's enrollment for a term. 

Limitations of Third-Party Proxy Access

The Third Parties can only view information. Registration changes cannot be made by Third-Party Proxies. This means students cannot allow a parent or spouse to enroll for them.

Unfortunately, Third-Party Proxy Access does not allow the Third-Party Proxy to make a payment on the student's Bursar account. To do this, the student must go through UCONNECT and set up a Third-Party Proxy authorization on the TouchNet payment system, where the Third-Party Proxy will have a separate login. When this is set up, the student and the Third-Party Proxy both will receive bills. For more information about payments, visit the Bursar webpage. 

Information for Third-Party Proxy

A profile must first be created for the Third-Party Proxy by the student, as detailed in the section above. Below is the process the Third-Party Proxy can expect to be followed:

  1. The student will create a profile on UCONNECT using the name and email of the Third-Party Proxy and will then designate which information sections/forms the Third-Party Proxy may view.
  2. During this set up process, the new Third-Party Proxy will receive an email containing a web link and an "Action PIN." To set up Third-Party Proxy access, view the Third-Party Proxy Access page.
  3. Once the email is received, the Third-Party Proxy may visit the Third-Party Proxy Access login page.

The link and Action PIN will enable the Third-Party Proxy to access the system. This is where the Third-Party Proxy will create and maintain their login credentials and other personal information.

The student also will create a passphrase for the Third-Party Proxy:

  • This passphrase will allow the Third-Party Proxy to verify their identity when contacting UCO administrators via phone or in person; and,
  • When contacted by the Third-Party Proxy on the student's behalf, UCO will ask the Third-Party proxy for the passphrase. Upon a correct response, UCO could then discuss with the Third-Party Proxy information authorized by the student.

Please be aware that individual faculty members do not have access to the Third-Party Proxy information system.