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Class Schedule Availability

UCO's class schedules become available for viewing on the student information terminals and on the web at UCONNECT by the following approximate schedule:

 Summer        1st or 2nd week of February
                   2nd week of March
 Spring            1st Week of October

The student information terminals have up to date information about added classes and open sections. Student information terminals are located in the atrium on the first floor of the Nigh University Center. In addition to information about class scheduling, these terminals allow you to view personal information such as address, current enrollment, enrollment holds, final grades, hours completed, and GPA information.

Check for Enrollment Holds

Use UCONNECT to check for any enrollment holds. All holds must be cleared at the appropriate office before enrollment is permitted. Students with holds cannot enroll or add/drop courses via the web.

Auditing a Class   

Any student desiring to audit a class must obtain written permission from the instructor. Approval to audit is contingent upon available classroom and laboratory space. When auditing, you must satisfy the same prerequisites as students enrolled for credit and you will be responsible for attendance and/or participation requirements set by the instructor. It is not permissible to drop courses for audit and change to credit after the late enrollment period ends.

Full (closed) Classes  

UCO colleges design their class levels to maximize teaching effectiveness and comply with legal room size limits. Most classes cannot be raised to let more students enroll. If a class is full, you should select another section of the class or select an alternative class. To get permission to enroll in a closed class, you must obtain written permission from the chairperson of the department offering the class. In some instances, the college offering the course may require additional written approvals.

Withdrawing from All Classes  

Obtain a Withdrawal form from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Enrollment Services (NUC 124), obtain the required signature approvals from Financial Aid (even if you are not receiving financial aid) and the Bursar's office. Then take the form back to Enrollment Services (NUC 124). You are not withdrawn until you receive a new printout from Enrollment Services. Do not leave the withdrawal form in any other office.

Withdrawing from All Classes on the Web 

Students may withdraw from all courses via the web until 6 am of the morning of the first day of the regular 16 week semester    After that, all complete withdrawals are processed as in the previous paragraph.

Withdrawing from All Classes - Federal Aid Recipients 

Effective Fall 2000, the refund policy will change for current and potential Federal Aid recipients. Federal aid recipients who completely withdraw from school prior to completing at least sixty percent of the semester may have to repay some portion of the Federal Funds received. This change will require UCO to determine the unearned portion of the funds received. This calculation could require the student and/or the University to immediately repay funds disbursed on behalf of the student for the purpose of paying educational cost.

As in the past, students receiving Federal aid must be cleared through the Office of Student Financial Aid as part of the withdrawal process. At that time the earned & and unearned portions of funds disbursed would be calculated to determine the amount to be returned by the student as well as the amount to be returned by the Institution. Students should be aware that any portion the University is required to remit to the federal program as a result of the withdrawal will be charged to the student, then turned over to the bursar office for collection if not repaid. Under this new policy, the student could owe funds back to a Federal program as well as the institution. Counselors will be prepared to discuss the impact of the withdrawal as well as repayment options in detail with the student at the time of withdrawal. Of course if it is determined that the program to be repaid is a FFEL program (Stafford, USL or Parent Loan), the repayment will be subject to the original terms of the loan.


Refunds vary depending upon when the drop or withdrawal officially occurs. See the appropriate "Deadlines to Remember" for drop/withdraw deadline dates for full-semester and block classes.

Refer to the Bursar's webpage for information about setting up a refund preference.

Campus Card Services: NUC 222A 

All entering students must have a UCO identification (I.D.) card which will be issued the first semester of enrollment and will be used as long as the student is actively pursuing a degree at the University of Central Oklahoma. The I.D. card is required for completion of many business transactions, as well as for use of certain facilities on campus.

After enrolling for the first time at UCO, go to the Bursar's Office to pay the fee. From here proceed to room 222A in the Nigh University Center (Card Services office, across from MidFirst Bank) to have your picture taken. You must provide a current enrollment print out the form and one other authorized picture identification, (i.e., driver's license, passport, military I.D. card). Sunglasses and any item covering the hair must be removed for the picture.

Transportation & Parking Services: NUC 309, 974-2780 

A UCO parking decal is required to park on campus or in any UCO controlled parking lot. Parking decals must be ordered online at Transportation and Parking Services. Please allow 5 business days before picking up your decal at the PTS Parking counter, NUC Room 309.  You must present your UCO I.D. Card to pick up the parking permit.

Office Hours: 
Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Parking Enforcement Hours:
Monday-Thursday 7 a.m.-10:30 p.m.
Friday 7 a.m.-5 p.m.


Fines are assessed for traffic/parking violations.