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Fees are implemented only after careful scrutiny, and in an effort to contribute to the betterment and general welfare of the UCO campus community, as well as the individual students. In order to implement fees, UCO must formally submit any fee changes in detailed request outlining why a new or increased fee is necessary, and exactly how the funds will be utilized. In addition, part of the approval process required by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, is to meet with various student organizations to explain and receive feedback on each potential new or increased fee. Interestingly, there are numerous fees that have been implemented and/or raised due to student-driven initiatives. 

UCO assesses mandatory fees each semester to all student accounts. Mandatory fees are used to support the mission of UCO and to support service facilities, such as the Nigh University Center, health care infirmaries and recreational facilities, as well as other support services used for the purpose of enhancing student life, including scholarships, student travel and student organizations.

The Fall 2019 semester, UCO will charge all mandatory fees as a single fee for simplicity to student billing. Below you will find a breakdown of the mandatory fees.

Total University Wide Fees = $40.27 per credit hour 

Library Fee

Per Credit Hour: $2.50
The university library fee defrays the cost of equipment, software, and other aspects related to operating the on-line computerized library service. This fee also protects student access to heavily-used electronic journals and on-demand information services despite escalating costs and the termination of services by outside library agencies. 

Technology Fee

Per Credit Hour: $10.72
The university technology fee provides for the maintenance of existing facilities, and the expansion and development of central and collegiate facilities, software, and multimedia capabilities. This fee also supports the IT Infrastructure which is dedicated to covering increasing costs in multiple areas, including network and system infrastructure, hardware and software costs and communications. Priority is to upgrade system security in an effort to prohibit University computer networks from being susceptible to hackers. 

Student Activity Fee

Per credit hour: $6.62
The university Student Activity Fee is assessed each term to support programs that benefit all students. The fee supports free and/or discounted on-campus entertainment, cultural and arts events, student organizations and clubs.

Athletics Activity Fee

Per Credit Hour: $8.88
The university Athletics Activity Fees assessed each term to support Broncho athletic scholarships, travel, equipment, and facilities. Additionally, the fee entitles students to admission to all UCO Broncho home games as well as provides funding for other on-campus spirit building activities.

Facility Fee

Per Credit Hour: $11.55
The university Facility Fee allows for the enhancements of existing facilities and the planning and development of new student service facilities to meet the needs of a growing student population.