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Admitted or readmitted to UCO? Met with Advisement? Completed Broncho Orientation?  Then, you’re ready to enroll.

Enrollment and registration has been updated to a newer, more efficient process.

The Classic Enrollment Process has been phased out and is no longer available. Please enroll with the updated enrollment process below.

Updated Enrollment Process

Learn more about the updated enrollment process in the video below or follow the step-by-step guide.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1.  Log in to UCONNECT by visiting
    For the best results, the Chrome browser is recommended.
  2.  Once logged in to UCONNECT, select "Academics."
    UCONNECT home page with Academics highlighted
  3. On Academics, locate "Registration Tools" and select "Self-Guided Enrollment & Registration."
    UCONNECT Academics screen with Registration Tools highlighted and Self Guided Enrollment link displayed
  4.  Once on the Registration website, select “Register for Classes.”
    Registration screen displaying What would you like to do, with Register for classes highlighted
  5. The next screen will present the option to "Select a Term." Select the arrow by “Terms Open for Registration” to choose the correct term to register for classes. Select "Continue" to advance to the next screen.
    enrollment 6 update fall 2021
    Note: Current and eligible new transfer students may determine assigned priority registration dates based on credit hours earned. New students at UCO will be eligible to register beginning the date of open enrollment. See all dates and learn more about priority enrollment.
  6. Search for the desired course by filling out "Subject" and "Course Number," if applicable.
    For multiple course options enter a topic in "Subject" and select "Search."
    enrollment 7 update fall 2021
    a. "Subject" is the general course or program. Examples: English, Accounting, Music.
    b. "Course Number" is the level of the course needed. Examples: English 1113, Accounting 2113, Music 1113.
    c. "CRNs" are the unique five-digit numbers before the name of a course. These numbers are unique and identify a specific class, instructor, date and time.  Example: 21234 English 1113, 23456 Accounting 2113, 21345 Music.
  7. Select the “Enter CRNs” tab to quickly register for pre-selected courses.
    enrollment 7 update fall 2021
    Utilize the "+ Add Another CRN" option to add additional courses at the same time.
  8. Review the course options available in the search results.
    search results with highlights drawing attention to the settings icon and the lower expand/close section
    To customize the course information, adjust the "Settings" (gear) icon on the upper right.
    To view additional information, utilize the Expand/Collapse buttons on the lower portion of the screen.
  9.  Select “Add” to add the course to the summary section.
  10.  In the Summary section select "Submit" for courses displaying "Pending" status. This process changes the status to "Registered."
    list of classes with one displaying Status as Pending others display Registered
  11.  New - Enrollment Changes: Add/Drop without Losing Your Spot 
    When adding or dropping a class, use the "Conditional Add and Drop" checkbox.  This prevents losing a seat in a course when unable to add another in its place.  View a video walkthrough of the process.
    checkbox for conditional add drop
    Note: Conditional Add and Drop is only available when there are no registration errors.
  12.  Select the "Schedule Details" tab to review registered courses. Make sure to double check dates, locations, and class times are correct and represents the desired schedule.
    Schedule screen with Schedule Details highlighted
  13.  Important: Please check for any registration holds prior to registering.  Some holds prevent registration and must be cleared with the appropriate office before enrollment is possible. Holds may include pre-requisites, course permissions, test scores, orientation hold, advisement hold and others that could prevent registering for courses. If you believe you experienced a hold in error, you can complete the electronic Add/Drop Form. A representative with Broncho OneStop will review the form and complete the process.
  14.  To check if a course has specific pre-requisites and requirements, select the course name for additional details.
  15.  This completes the updated enrollment process at the University of Central Oklahoma. Go Bronchos!

Students can enroll/drop/withdraw in person at Broncho OneStop in the Nigh University Center, Room 124, during normal business hours or enroll/drop/withdraw via UCONNECT 24 hours a day, up to the deadlines for the course.

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