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Admitted or readmitted to UCO?  Met with Advisement? Completed Enrollment Central?  Applied for financial aid?  Then, you’re ready to enroll.

Use the public class schedule for a quick look at what courses are offered each semester.  The public schedule of classes is available at and can be used by anyone interested in course offerings at UCO.  Students can’t actually enroll at this site, but it contains useful information regarding courses, course descriptions and prerequisites needed for certain courses.

 Students can enroll/drop/withdraw in person in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Enrollment Services in  Nigh Univeristy Center 124, during normal business hours, or enroll/drop/withdraw via UConnect 24 hours a day, up to the deadlines for the course.

For web enrollment, sign on to the student portal UCONNECT at

  1.  Go to the Academics tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Registration Tools section.
  3. Under “Before Enrollment”, check the Priority Enrollment Dates and Registration Status links to determine eligibility for enrollment.   
  4. Under the “Enroll” group, check for holds. Some holds prevent registration and must be cleared with the appropriate office before enrollment is possible.
  5. “Schedule Planner" allows students to plan,  compare multiple schedules and select their classes when the schedule is released. Then students can register quickly in the classes when enrollment time opens.  
  6. Use the “Look up Classes” to initially enroll in courses.   This choice allows students to narrow the search of the schedule using various criteria.

For further enrollment resources view the ENROLLMENT FORMS page.