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Important Update:

UCO COVID-19 protocols remain in place for the spring 2021 semester. Masks are required on campus when around others.

Important resources: COVID-19 Testing | Report Exposure/Positive Test | On-Campus Vaccine Clinic | COVID-19 Vaccination Self-ReportingVirtual services | COVID-19 website 

The University of Central Oklahoma continues to offer extended classroom options for classes amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of Central's in-person classes have a mix of in-person and virtual seats to help the university follow the CDC guidelines for in-person instruction and physical distancing.

The virtual-seat portion of these classes is called the Extended Classroom. Extended Classroom courses meet virtually at the same date and time and have the same instructor as the in-person courses.

Seating for in-person classes is limited and is handled on a first-come, first-served basis. If all in-person seats are full, students may choose to waitlist for the in-person class portion; however, this does not guarantee a seat in the in-person section and is dependent upon other students dropping the in-person class. Once all in-person seats are occupied, only the Extended Classroom portion will be available for registration. Each course is still capped for quality educational purposes.

Locate and Enroll in an Extended Classroom Course

  1. Log into UCONNECT.
  2. Go to the "Academics" tab.
  3. Scroll down to the "Registration Tools" section.
  4. Under "Enroll," select "Self-Guided Enrollment and Registration."
  5. Click "Register of Classes."
  6. Select Term — "Spring 2021"
  7. Use "Class Search."
  8. Select "Subject" —> "Course Search."
  9. Select "Course" —> "View Sections."
  10. Locate the course in which you need to enroll.
  11.  Identify if the course has an Extended Classroom option. 
    In-person courses end in C or P;
    Extended Classroom courses end in E or X.

* In-person courses ending in C are paired with Extended Classroom courses ending in E. In-person courses ending in P are paired with Extended Classroom courses ending in X.

Example: You need to enroll in ENG 1113. The in-person CRN you find that matches the days/times/professor you want is either 14853 ENG 1113 12C for the in-person course or 16179 ENG 1113 12E for the Extended Classroom course. (in-person courses end in C; Extended Classroom courses end in E)

As displayed in UCONNECT:
uconnect course lookup
(select image to enlarge)

As displayed in Class Schedule:
public schedule search
(select image to enlarge)

  1.  Check the box of the needed CRN.
  2.  Select Add.
If you are unable to enroll on your own due to registration restrictions, use the Add/Drop online form.

Extended Classroom Locations for Students on Campus

These locations have been identified as spaces available for students to sit and virtually attend their Extended Classroom courses:

Hamilton Fieldhouse – Open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. with seating upstairs only in the main gym. Follow appropriate social-distancing guidelines and use headphones/earbuds to minimize interference with practices on the main gym floor.

Nigh University Center – Most regular seating is available but in a reduced capacity. Large seating areas exist on the second floor in the food court area and outside of Constitution Hall. There is scattered seating throughout the first and fourth-floor hallways. Wi-Fi available throughout the building.

Library – Seating available on the first floor. Furniture is spaced at six-foot intervals. Wi-Fi is available.

Parking Lots with strong Wi-Fi – Wellness Center (lots 46 and 47), Coyner Health Sciences (lot 17), and Math and Computer Science (lot 17). Connections will be stronger closer to the buildings.

Residence Halls – If you’re living on campus, make your way back to your residence hall to attend your Extended Classroom virtually.

Outdoor Space – When the weather is nice, find a place outside. Be sure you’re close enough to Wi-Fi to get good reception.

Howell Hall Atrium


Visit our Extended Classroom FAQ or one of the Student Success Advocates in Broncho One Stop can assist you.