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Important Update:

Due to continued impacts of the ice storm, UCO will be closed Thursday and Friday, Oct. 29-30. All classes and activities are cancelled. Offices are closed.


UCO requires all students, faculty, staff and visitors to wear a mask on campus when around others, both indoors and outdoors, and practice physical distancing of at least six feet when possible. If you or someone you know has COVID-19 symptoms, has been directly exposed to COVID-19 or has tested positive, fill out UCO's COVID-19 Self-Reporting form. To learn more about current operations, view the university's coronavirus webpage. View a list of UCO's virtual services.

All of the items below will help students with the enrollment process. For further information on how to enroll, visit the How to Enroll page

Add/Drop Form

Complete the Add/Drop eform to enroll and /or drop classes. Observe the drop deadlines carefully. Students must use UCONNECT log-in credentials to submit the eform.  


Certificate of Exemption for Immunization

Oklahoma Statutes, Title 70 section 3244, requires that all students who enroll as a full-time or part-time student in an Oklahoma public or private postsecondary institution must provide documentation of vaccinations for Hepatitis B and Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR). UCO requires 3 doses for Hepatitis B and 2 doses for MMR.

Immunization records reflecting the required MMR and Hepatitis B shots can be emailed to or delivered to Broncho One Stop, NUC 124.

To submit the Certificate of Exemption, click the button below and email the completed form to or deliver it to Broncho One Stop, NUC 124.


Name Change 

If you have legally changed your name, complete the Name Change eform. Documentation such as a court order, marriage decree, divorce decree, social security card, or driver’s license is required and must be uploaded in the eform. Students must use UCONNECT log-in credentials to submit the eform.


Address/Email Change 

If your email address and/or mailing address have changed, complete the Address/Email Address Change eform. Students must use UCONNECT log-in credentials to submit the eform. 


Complete Withdraw

To completely withdraw from ALL classes after full-term courses begin, students need to fill out the Add/Drop eform indicating the Complete Withdraw within the eform. Withdrawing from a course will result in a 'W' on an official and unofficial transcript. Students must use UCONNECT log-in credentials to submit the eform. 


Permission to Enroll/Change to Audit 

If a student needs to audit a course or needs permission to enroll in a course, the Permission to Enroll/ Change to Audit form must be completed and signed by the appropriate persons. Email complete form to or deliver it to Broncho One Stop, NUC 124 to be processed.

**To receive permission for College of Business courses, students must meet with a College of Business advisor.