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Undergraduate Academic Suspension 


What is academic suspension?

Academic suspension happens when an undergraduate student fails to maintain a minimum 2.0 retention grade point average (GPA). Before a student is suspended, they are placed on academic probation for at least one semester. If that student does not earn at least a ‘C’ average (or 2.0 GPA) during that one semester, they face academic suspension from UCO.

How long does suspension last?

A first suspension lasts at least one regular semester (fall or spring). For example, if a student is suspended for the first time after the fall semester, they must sit out the spring semester and are eligible to return to UCO in the summer or next fall. Students suspended a second time are not eligible to return until they go to a different, accredited school and have raised their retention GPA to at least a 2.0.

When students are eligible to return to UCO, they must apply for readmission to the university.

How can I avoid academic suspension?

To avoid academic suspension, undergraduate students must be in good academic standing – which means that students must have earned a retention GPA at or above the following:

  • *0-30 earned hours: 1.70; and,
  • 31 or more earned hours: 2.0.

*Students who have earned 0-30 credit hours with a retention GPA of 1.70-1.99 are placed on Freshman Academic Notice.

Students are removed from academic probation when they have met the minimum retention GPA requirements.

Are exceptions made for seniors?

If an undergraduate student has been suspended for the first or second time but has earned 90 or more hours in a specified degree program, they may be eligible for an extension. They may enroll in an additional 15 semester hours to attempt to earn the minimum retention requirements. This extension is awarded only once and must be approved by the student’s academic advisor. Contact Advisement to start the conversation.

Are exceptions made for students who are not seniors?

Undergraduate students who face a first suspension after the spring semester may be eligible to participate in the Summer Undergraduate Retention Program by taking a limited number of credit hours throughout the summer term in an attempt to improve their GPA. Students may contact Academic Advisement for more information and to see if they qualify.

Undergraduate students who believe extraordinary/unusual circumstances contributed to their first academic suspension may submit an appeal to request immediate reinstatement. If approved, the suspension will still be designated on the student’s academic transcript but the student will be allowed to return to UCO immediately. If denied, the suspension is upheld and the student must sit out at least one regular semester before they are eligible to return.

Students suspended two or more times are not eligible for the Summer Undergraduate Retention Program or a suspension appeal, as directed by Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education policy.

For consideration, appeals must be submitted no later than 5 p.m. the Monday before regular semester classes begin. More information about the appeals process can be found on the appeals form or by contacting the Office of Student Advocacy at

Academic Suspension Appeals Form

Where can I go if I have more questions?

For questions related to undergraduate academic suspensions, students are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Advocacy or Academic Advisement. They can also call or chat with a One Stop representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at

For information related to graduate academic suspension or to submit graduate suspension appeals, students should contact the Jackson College of Graduate Studies.