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Important Update:

The University of Central Oklahoma physical campus will be closed to all but essential employees through May 31.
Alternative instructional delivery methods will be used for the rest of the spring semester, May intersession courses and summer blocks I and II. Many university services will continue to be available online. For more information, visit the university's COVID-19 website.

Academic Suspension - Any student who was on academic probation the previous semester will be suspended from the University if s/he fails to raise his or her retention GPA to the required retention GPA level (retention requirements) or achieve a 2.00 semester GPA in regularly graded course work, not to include activity or performance courses. Students not meeting either of these criteria will be immediately suspended and may not be reinstated until one regular semester (fall or spring) has elapsed.

For continued enrollment as a student in academic good standing at the University of Central Oklahoma, a student must have earned a retention grade point average at or above the following:

Retention Requirements 2017 - 2018

Credit Hours Attempted Retention          GPA Requirement

*0 through 30 semester hours                                   1.7

31 or greater semester hours                                     2.0

*Students with 0-30 semester credit hours with a retention GPA of 1.7 through 1.99 will be considered to be on freshman academic notice.

Students will be removed from academic probation when they have met the minimum requirements above. All students who have less than 30 credit hours and are now on probation or on academic notice must take UNIV 2012, Success Strategies, to remain in good standing.

At the end of the probationary semester or term, students who continue to fail to make satisfactory progress toward the academic objective, as indicated by the retention requirements, will be suspended for the next regular (fall or spring) semester. Students suspended twice from the University of Central Oklahoma are not eligible to return until by attendance at another accredited institution, they have raised their retention grade point average to a minimum of 2.0.

Continued Study by Suspended Seniors

A student suspended for the first or second time from UCO with 90 or more hours in a specified degree program who failed to meet the retention GPA of 2.0 or the semester GPA of 2.0 may enroll in an additional 15 semester hours in a further attempt to achieve the requirements for retention. During this 15 hours of enrollment, the student must achieve a minimum 2.0 GPA during each semester or raise his/her retention GPA to 2.0 or above. Such students will be afforded this extension one time only.

Reinstatement of Suspended Students

One- time suspended students will be eligible to apply for readmission to the University of Central Oklahoma after an absence from the University for a regular (fall or spring) semester assuming they have not attended any other college or university. To be readmitted, students must complete an application and pay the $50 application fee (fee increases to $100 the month prior to a semester starting). Students should be prepared to discuss with the advisor reasons for earlier academic difficulties and should explore available campus resources that will assist in meeting educational goals.

Students suspended from the University of Central Oklahoma who have attended another college or university may only reapply after demonstrating they have earned a 2.0 or higher grade point average at all institutions attended since the suspension. Should a second suspension occur, students will be unable to be readmitted to UCO until their cumulative GPA meets the University's retention standards. Students may raise their GPAs by successful attendance at another regionally accredited college or university.

Procedures For Immediate Admission of Suspended Students From Other System Institutions

In some instances, students with no more than one suspension from another institution may apply for probationary admission. To be considered for probationary admission, students must have met all other applicable UCO admission criteria at the time of first college admission. If admission is granted, future enrollments will depend upon the student meeting applicable retention grade point average requirements. To apply for probationary admission following a suspension from another institution, students must petition the Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Academic Retention.

Students who wish to be readmitted after suspension must write a letter to the Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Academic Retention and reapply by completing a new application for admission.

Academic Suspension Appeals

Students who believe extraordinary conditions led to an academic suspension at UCO may petition the Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Academic Retention for immediate reinstatement. If approved, the suspension status will not change, but the students will be allowed an immediate readmission. Limitations on enrollment may apply. Should a subsequent suspension occur, students will not be allowed to reapply until such time as they have demonstrated an ability to succeed academically by attending another institution and raising their retention GPA to meet UCO retention standards. Students with two academic suspensions are not eligible for this appeal.  Students who wish to be readmitted after suspension must write a letter to the Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Academic Retention and reapply by completing a new application for admission. 

Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Academic Retention

The purpose of this committee is to consider the following petitions: Alternative Admission for First-Time Freshmen; Appeals for Adult Admission; transfer probationary admission of probation or suspended students from other institutions; and other exceptional and extraordinary individual applications.

Students who wish to be readmitted after suspension must write a letter to the Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Academic Retention and reapply by completing a new application for admission.

A student's request for admission or readmission will only be considered when full documentation (including complete official transcripts) supporting the appeal has been submitted for evaluation within the time requirements established for committee meetings.

Appeals will not be considered once classes begin. It is deemed inappropriate for at-risk students to begin the term late. The authority of the Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Academic Retention is limited to granting admission or readmission, placing conditions or limitations on the first-semester enrollment, and DOES NOT EXTEND TO REMOVING OR REVERSING AN ACADEMIC SUSPENSION.

The decision of the committee is final. A student cannot reapply to UCO without satisfying the committee recommendations.

Appeal Process

If a student wishes to petition for readmission or admission on probation, a written request must be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions with attached official transcripts of all college work. The student's request for reinstatement will be considered only by satisfactorily completing the following steps for appeal:

  1. Document reasonable cause for unusual or extraordinary personal circumstances that contributed to academic failure.
  2. Submit evidence of the capability for academic success (satisfactory scores on aptitude or achievement tests may be a requirement).
  3. Provide an objective plan for balancing proposed enrollment, study time, and a work schedule which will ensure success toward obtaining an educational and/or degree goal.
  4. If the student is currently attending another college, final grades for that term must be submitted with the appeal.
  5. If testing is required, test scores must be submitted prior to the deadline.
  6. All requested documents and test scores must be received on or before the established deadline.