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Academic Forgiveness is only utilized for current, undergraduate, degree-seeking students. Graduate students, former undergraduate students and non degree seeking students are not eligible for Academic Forgiveness.

Course Repeat Form 

UCO’s Course Repeat Policy allows students who make a “D” or an “F” in a course and retake the equivalent course to exclude the first grade from their Graduation/Retention GPA.  The original grade will be retained on the transcript. The repeat policy will be applied to the first four classes repeated or a maximum of 18 credit hours.  Courses repeated at other schools and equivalent transfer courses will be counted toward the four class maximum. Repeats will be applied in the order in which the classes are repeated.  The policy may only be used once per course. Courses retaken more than once will be counted in all GPA calculations except the Major/Minor GPAs.  Students can only earn credit toward graduation for one attempt of a course. If you wish to notify an advisor that you have completed a repeat, please fill out the form.


Academic Reprieve Policy

An academic reprieve is utilized in extraordinary situations in which a student has done poorly in an entire enrollment semester due to extenuating circumstances which, in the judgment of the appropriate institutional officials, warrant excluding those grades in calculating the student’s undergraduate retention and graduation GPAs. The Academic Reprieve Policy allows undergraduate students to have one semester, or two consecutive semesters excluded from the Graduation/Retention GPA calculations provided all of the following conditions are met:

1. At least three years must have elapsed since the completion of the semester for which the reprieve is requested.

2. Prior to the time the reprieve request is made, but after the semester for which the reprieve is being requested, the student must have:

  • Earned a minimum of 12 UCO hours of regularly graded course work, excluding activity and performance courses.
  • Earned a GPA of 2.0 or higher in ALL regularly graded course work excluding activity and performance courses.
  • Earned no grade below a “C” in regularly graded coursework. UCO will not consider any request for reprieve where the student has earned a grade of “D” or “F” after the semester requested for a reprieve.
  • Semester(s) removed must have a GPA of less than 2.0.

3. Students may request a reprieve for up to two consecutive semesters. However, the University may choose to grant the request for only one (or neither) of the semesters.  Consecutive semesters can be in different years (for example Fall 2010 and Fall 2013), as long as no coursework has been attempted between these semesters.

4. The student may not receive more than one academic reprieve during his/her academic career.

 Academic Reprieve Request Form

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