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The University of Central Oklahoma has implemented transformative learning awards as a way to recognize and encourage both student participation in transformative educational experiences and faculty and staff providing those opportunities. These awards are managed by the UCO Center for Excellence in Transformative Teaching and Learning, and details are below.

  • Masonic Transformative Learning Award:
    This annual award is funded by interest earned on a generous gift from the Masonic Fraternity of Oklahoma held by the UCO Foundation. UCO program(s) or initiatives that develop, encourage, pursue, conduct or otherwise support transformative learning opportunities for UCO students may be nominated each spring. Winners receive a cash award to use for continuation or growth of that program, and a certificate, to be presented to program representatives at UCO’s Faculty-Staff Convocation each fall semester.
  • Student Transformative Learning Endowment Scholarship:
    This cash award is given to one or more students annually who display a commitment to enhancing their Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR). Different subpopulations are prioritized in different years (e.g., Underrepresented students in STEM). The deadline for applying aligns with the UCO Foundation Scholarships (February). For more details, Explore Scholarships at the portal and search for ”Student Transformative Learning.”

TL Photo 1Masonic TL Award 1Masonic TL Award 2