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The STLR Snapshot is an online interactive dashboard where you’ll view your STLR credits and organize them into a STLR Snapshot Page PDF printout. It helps you reflect on your UCO experiences. Look for STLR-tagged activities to start earning STLR credit in the STLR Snapshot dashboard.

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Your STLR Snapshot Page PDF is like having a second transcript. It shows your in- and out-of class growth in the five STLR-tracked tenet categories that employers say they want all new hires to have. Later, you can use your STLR Snapshot Page to back up what you put on your resume or grad school application when you graduate!

Seeing Credits in STLR Snapshot

At STLR events and locations, you’ll often swipe in with your student ID card, which records your exposure level credit in D2L. If a sign-in sheet was used, the STLR-trained faculty, staff or location host is responsible for entering your STLR credit in D2L. Once credits are awarded in D2L, it can take up to 24 hours before they are viewable in STLR Snapshot.

Having trouble seeing your STLR credit?

Customize Your STLR Snapshot Page Printout

While your academic transcript shows you’re ready by obtaining your degree, you can customize and save different versions of your STLR Snapshot Pages as PDF files as you need them. Choose to highlight areas where you have the highest or most credits or for things like:

  • applying at a company that’s looking for global and cultural awareness;
  • showing an employer or graduate school you can manage stress and tough situations;
  • a leadership scholarship or opportunity;
  • a research-focused graduate school application or creative internship; and,
  • a service, civic, or community-focused role.

Unofficial STLR Snapshot Printout

Once you have STLR credits in the STLR Snapshot dashboard, you can access, save, and print as many unofficial versions as you need while a student. Currently, your unofficial Snapshot Page will work for on-campus and most off-campus needs. While STLR is spreading, UCO is the first in the nation and to offer this tool. Many employers and grad schools will want you to explain what you’re providing them. See the Career Development STLR Snapshot Guide for help.

Official STLR Snapshot Printout

You may not need an official STLR Snapshot Page until you’re graduating and would like to optionally purchase one to share with an employer or grad school. If you would like one, you can choose to set one of your versions in the STLR Snapshot Dashboard as the primary version. You’ll be able to access and purchase that version as an official copy through the UCO Parchment online transcript service along with your official academic transcript. Before you graduate, if needed, you can set as primary and purchase several customized, different versions if you think you’ll want them in the future. After you graduate, you will not be able to access or change the primary version but still will be able to obtain an official copy of the one set as primary as your official STLR Snapshot Page through the online transcript portal.

If STLR credits aren't showing

Check to see if the activity was an approved STLR-tagged activity.

Not all activities are for STLR credit, and not all events using swipers are STLR events. Learn more about how an activity becomes STLR-tagged.

I signed in for a STLR-tagged activity on paper

Check with the event host to see if they have manually entered the credit in D2L. You can find the host via the STLR-Tagged Activities page or on UCORE.

The event was STLR-tagged and listed in D2L but still isn't showing

Put in a request to the UCO Service Desk Online, call 405-974-2255 or visit the UCO Service Desk on the first floor of the Chambers Library.