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To help students embody the Central Six Tenets in the amounts they’ll need for success, STLR provides three levels of credit: Exposure, Integration, and Transformation. STLR-trained faculty and staff look for evidence of growth in their students to determine the credit level.Graphic showing 5 STLR tenets and 3 levels of credit for each, Transformation, Integration, and Exposure.

STLR Levels


The student displays a willingness to learn and grow by participating in the activity. They gained an awareness of their current perspectives related to the tenet(s) and may be developing an understanding of what the tenet(s) entail(s).

How to Earn

Primarily from STLR-tagged class assignments, events and visiting STLR locations.


The student is questioning, planning or beginning to expand upon previously held understandings of self, community, behavior or environment.

How to Earn

Possible from STLR-tagged class assignments, student groups and out-of-class projects.


The student provides strong evidence of a learning experience that resulted in profound growth or a major shift in values, beliefs or perspectives in the tenet(s), and this may be evident through changes in behavior, speech or ability.

How to Earn

Possible from STLR-tagged class assignments, student groups and out-of-class projects.

*Other than for STLR events and locations, a credit level is not guaranteed. STLR levels are awarded by STLR-trained faculty and staff based on a demonstration of learning and reflection, not for participation.

*No amount of credits at each level, once reached, bump a student to the next level. Recommended activity amounts per level can be seen on the STLR Snapshot Printout, which is a more comprehensive look at how a student can grow toward the next level.

*To earn credits in class assignments, student groups or out-of-class projects, the faculty or staff member creates a reflection or other submission opportunity online in D2L, the campuswide learning software. Students submit for and are awarded STLR levels in D2L. It can take up to 24 hours once awarded in D2L before credits appear in the STLR Snapshot online dashboard or Printout. 

*STLR Individual Reflection Appointments: If you've had learning experiences through which you feel you have expanded your perspective in one of the UCO STLR tenets, but they weren't STLR-tagged, were a compilation of multiple experiences, and/or were not provided by UCO, you may meet with a Transformative Learning evaluator to talk about your experience(s) and potentially earn STLR credit.