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Not sure what you want to major in? Not sure what you would like to do in college? Not sure what your strengths are or how to showcase them to a future employer or grad school?

STLR experiences and activities can help you now and in the future, no matter what your major, job or career ends up being. Keeping track of your STLR experiences through the STLR Snapshot dashboard can help you find your footing in college, discover your passions and build on your strengths.

When you’re ready to apply for jobs, use your STLR Snapshot Page to remind you of things to put on your resume. Employers and graduate schools want grads prepared with STLR areas in addition to knowing your major or discipline knowledge. Grads that can prove they have these qualities are standing out when compared with other applicants.

You can even get help from a Career Coach to learn about career major exploration and how to use your STLR Snapshot to be ready and confident for whatever comes next. Check out the STLR Snapshot Career Guide from our Career Development Center for tips about how to be ready to talk about your STLR experiences and Snapshot Page with graduate schools, employers, scholarship committees and others.

Top 5 Reasons New Hires Fail graph, created using Piktochart: A study by Leadership IQ for the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) found the top five reasons new hires failed (as seen in the graph) were in order by percentage.

This three-year study by Leadership IQ for the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) indicates that students are leaving college prepared in their discipline knowledge (academic major skills), but are missing the top four listed areas. STLR seeks to prepare students in those areas by tracking the UCO Central 6 Tenets. The study included 5,247 hiring managers from 312 public, private, business and healthcare organizations, who collectively hired more than 20,000 employees during the study period.