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Important Update:

The University of Central Oklahoma physical campus will be closed to all but essential employees beginning at 5 p.m. Thursday, March 26, through at least April 15. UCO will transition to alternative instructional delivery methods from March 28 through the end of the spring semester. Many university services will continue to be available online. For more information, visit the university's COVID-19 website.

STLR for Students

We believe in the power of your dreams. So much so, we created a way you can find your way through college and connect the dots along the way. STLR experiences help you connect to faculty and staff who help you learn how to get through your degree and help you learn beyond the degree. Move yourself forward in life by getting involved in your own journey.

STLR helps you see and track your growth in core areas employers and grad schools say they want all applicants to have. They want grads prepared with these experiences in addition to your academic degree. At UCO, you'll take learning beyond the classroom and apply it to real-life, real-world situations.

From day one, you can earn STLR credit through STLR-tagged activities both in class and out-of-class. Your STLR credits appear in your STLR Snapshot online dashboard. Grads that earn the top STLR credit level earn cords for graduation.

Central Six

"If you’re bold - if you do one thing - then you're not afraid to branch out, it becomes less scary. Getting involved was like one dose of happiness that opened me up to a world of more happiness. There was a world around me that I didn't know existed. It helps you find your voice." — Brytni Howard
"It helps you discover what strengths you have without even knowing it. I went to a lot of cultural events and didn't realize that was a strength. With the categories, it helped me have less stress in figuring out what I could be good at and what things I should be looking to try." — Angela Vega
"You get STLR credit, but you also learn why it matters. You don't find that on other campuses. STLR is something I couldn't imagine; memories and moments you can't buy or put a dollar value on. It makes you a well-rounded human." — Ashley Cooks