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STLR Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff carry out UCO’s mission of providing transformative learning experiences to students – thereby helping them become well-rounded, employable, citizens and leaders. STLR is the way we do Transformative Learning at UCO by: providing training to faculty and staff, a way to measure student growth and a record of students’ experiences across the Central Six Tenets.

Why should you get involved with STLR?

  • Help UCO meet its mission
  • Integrate into the UCO culture
  • Enhance your teaching and interactions with students
  • Broaden their experiences to make them more career-ready
  • Engage students to improve their chances at academic success
  • Deepen student learning through prompting them to critically reflect

Faculty Testimonial

Support, resources and materials to help enhance student learning.

Dr. Susan Scott describes her STLR-designed class assignment, how it helped students, helped her and why she'd recommend other faculty get involved with STLR.

Connect to STLR

UCO faculty and staff get involved with STLR by:
  1. Attending STLR Training: 2, 3-hour modules for initial training; then opportunities for refresher and other training, which are part of UCO’s 21st Century Pedagogy Institute. Search for "STLR" in the UCO Learning Center.
  2. STLR-Tagging Activities: Build new, or enhance existing, assignments, events, student groups, and out-of-class projects; match to one or more STLR tenets, then request to STLR-tag them.
  3. Telling about STLR: Explain STLR to students using resources from the D2L STLR Resources shell and our YouTube channel, following the STLR Style Guide; and do research on STLR activities and present about it to add to their CVs!
  4. Giving students STLR credit: After STLR-tagging activities, collect UCO ID swipes at events/locations, upload attendee lists, or collect student reflections and assess them using the STLR rubric.


Contact the STLR office,, 405-974-5570, or any of the Transformative Learning LiaisonsCentral Six Tenet Liaisons, or STLR Department Ambassadors.


STLR is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License  by the University of Central Oklahoma. STLR is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial ShareAlike 4.0 International License by the University of Central Oklahoma.